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OnePlus One will support StyleSwap replaceable back covers


OnePlus today pulled back the curtain on yet another feature of its upcoming One smartphone. But while the company’s recent announcements have focused on hard specs like the One’s battery and screen details, today’s news focuses on the design of the CyanogenMod-powered handset.

OnePlus has revealed that the One will support StyleSwap covers, which will allow users to personalize their device while also providing an added layer of protection. StyleSwap covers will be offered in several different textures and colors, including Silk, Sandstone, Kevlar, Denim and Bamboo. OnePlus also notes that the Kevlar, Denim and Bamboo covers will be made with the actual material that they’re named after. One detail that the company hasn’t yet revealed is how much each StyleSwap cover will cost.

The deepest level of personalization offered by most smartphone manufacturers is selling their hardware in a handful of different color options, but lately we’ve seen some OEMs step their customization level up a bit. Motorola allows consumers to customize a Moto X unit with different colors, while Moto G users can swap the rear cover of their unit with differently colored shells. HTC also recently began allowing folks to create unique Double Dip cases for the One. Now it looks like OnePlus will be the next device maker to allow consumers to make their phones a bit more personal. While there may only be a handful of StyleSwap options confirmed so far, the ability to swap covers at will is a welcome addition to the One.

Which of the confirmed StyleSwap covers is most appealing to you?

Source: OnePlus forums

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  • uknowme

    This thing is just sounding better with every leak. I think I would go with the Kevlar.

  • aranea

    Sandstone or kevlar seems very interesting

  • BlazeHN

    Loving the “real” customization feeling this device is offering…

  • donger

    Looking good with more options.