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OUYA Everywhere partners with Mad Catz, bringing all OUYA games to the M.O.J.O.

Mad Catz MOJO

Android gaming consoles were really hyped up for a while, but then they completely failed to take off. The OUYA was the first to get seriously popular, but with an outdated Tegra 3 processor, a lackluster game catalog and no access to Google Play, it didn’t do as well as we thought that it would. Another option is the Mad Catz M.O.J.O., which features the Play Store and Tegra 4 hardware. Unfortunately, its combination of stock Android, a $250 price tag and difficult-to-find games made it unbuyable from the start. And that name…

Thanks to the OUYA Everywhere program, those two consoles can now combine their strengths to form a superior product. OUYA and Mad Catz have teamed up to bring the OUYA experience to the M.O.J.O., porting its entire catalog of 680 controller-optimized games to the new console. With a Tegra 4 processor, this new OUYA-powered console has the opportunity to be what we wanted in the first place.

On top of that, Mad Catz has decided to drop the price of of the M.O.J.O. by $50, making it a more affordable (but still high) $200. If someone were really interested in owning an Android-powered video game console, this will probably be a decent option thanks to its new selection of games. Will this move save Android-based consoles, or is it just another attempt to take over a market that doesn’t need to exist? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Jay

    There is no market for a Android Console. PC Gamers spend 1000+ dollars on a nice rig to game on, Console gamers all have a nice PS4 or XB1 already. Casual gamers are still rocking a PS3 or X360, and the price of those is continuing to drop. Really casual gamers or kids have Wii’s or DS. No little kid or casual gamer wants a dedicated android console and no real gamer wants to waste their time with inferior games. This is a stupid idea and a waste of money all around.

  • Guy

    I want an android console really really badly. No need for all of xbones “multimedia” features that require you to pay for netflix, or sony’s closed source locked down system. That could all be android, cross platform apps in a real OS you can share on every device.

    The problem is these “consoles” are just big android phones without a screen.