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Samsung CEO JK Shin ends speculation about “premium” Galaxy S5

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You would have thought the announcement of the Galaxy S5 last month would have killed this speculation already, but the rumors persisted that Samsung had a possibly metal bodied and higher resolution version of the S5 waiting in the wings for a slightly later launch date.

JK Shin, CEO of Samsung, had apparently had enough of this and finally put a stake in the heart of this undying rumor. Shin didn’t really leave any room for confusion saying that the articles about an additional premium model were wrong and that there is “no such thing.” So while we often see executives dance around with their denials this does not feel like one of those occasions.

Shin pointed to the next installment in the Galaxy Note line this fall as their next major phone release.

While some AAM staffers aren’t terribly impressed with the Galaxy S5 the reaction to the device seems to have been largely positive. Were you holding out hope for something a bit more upscale, or did Samsung do enough with the Galaxy S5 to get you on board? If you were holding out for a premium Galaxy S5, does this news have you thinking the all new HTC One might be the phone for you this year?

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  • Nate B.

    The speculation should have stopped once it want announced a long side. Be realistic. No logic in doing so later on after everyone has bought the non premium version. A better build and possibly better screen is not worthy.

    • redraider133

      So sort of like with the s4 and then releasing a new one a few months later with the snapdragon800 instead of the snapdragon600 like most variants got? It’s Samsung they will make 10+ variants of the phone and most likely release one later on with the snapdragon805

  • domi1k

    hehe he’s talking about the S line but rumours are there will be an F line soon

    • Sean Riley

    • Raymond

      There’s no helping some people…

  • tee gee

    So now they decided to come out to say something to convince those waiting on a better galaxy s5 to just go in for the failed s5. The thing is, Samsung failed with the s5 and all those sensors and heart rate crap isn’t a thing to die for. They should really sit and maybe sack a few under performing designers,bring in people with real innovative ideas and come back a better Samsung mobile with a better s whatever next year.

    • sere83

      Completely agree, one of the most underwhelming releases in recent memory and they actually made the bezels bigger.

  • Jimmy Hallmark

    There is nothing wrong with the new galaxy s5. The new chip set alone is enough to make me want one and im getting the white one asap. Anb everyone should quit comparing the s5 to the note3. One is aphone and the other a phablet. Of course the phablet will hav better specs. The s5 is the flagship phone the note the flag phablet. I want the phone.

    • Pieter Uys

      I’m with you Jimmy

  • Chris

    Why the incessant talk about a metal back? I don’t want one. Ever. Plastic is superior and helps towards Samsung having the lowest radiation phones. That’s important to me.

    Look at the iPhone: Metal back. And what’s the VERY FIRST THING an iPhone buyer does? They buy a plastic case to hide that metal.


    • Raymond

      They could have at least put premium plastic instead of making a band-aid back.

  • sere83

    Reception was largely positive? Don’t know where you’re getting that from cos it was universally panned after the announcement and is now seen as one of the most underwhelming releases in recent memory. Definitely not largely positive at all

    • Raymond

      The media is really pushing this POS.

  • donger

    oh but there will be 10 variants of the s5.

  • geeky_Sihag

    Samsung Galaxy Beam successor spotted with metal exterior in China

  • redraider133

    Well duh he doesn’t want to lose any sales of the s5 in April. Not surprising he would say this.

  • Sam

    His Initials are JK…

  • luis santiago

    Is the s5 better than the s4 .. yes .. is it a great innovation… no a minor specs bump from the 4 that was a minor spec bump from the 3 unless your a complete health nut the heart rate monitor is a joke when you can get a cheap bracelet that does the same. Im a long time galaxy user its all ive had since they came out but this year the new htc looks like a killer phone I think its time for a change. Samsung dropped the ball

  • Raymond

    Largely positive? Everybody hates the S5. You stupid journalists need to take public opinion.

  • jeff johnson

    Yup the CEO doesn’t want you to “wait” for another phone, he wants you to go get each model. lol! I’m a current S4 owner and a prior iPhone 4 owner, i’m going to skip the s5, and upgrade at every two models (s6). our contracts block us to every two anyway. no phone just one year later, is going to be that much better. if a metal case ever comes from Samsung and they get rid of the sd card slot, home button, wireless charging and removable battery, I Will look towards HTC or LG even maybe apple. because the will be just like the rest. and even better with out the fruity, slow, touch wiz !!! i do like the water proof case and the copy-cat apple home fingerprint scanner, it shows Samsung it not afraid of apple lawyers and they will keep competing on all cylinders with good features!

    • Joshua

      lol, you mean the finger print scanner that was Apple copied from Motorola (the Atrix) who probably copied it from other device i’m not aware of…

  • Pun

    I hope that the new galaxy note will have a metal built.