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Samsung releases introduction videos for Galaxy S5, Gear watches

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung announced a slew of new devices last week at the Unpacked event. This included the new flagship Galaxy S5 and the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smartwatches. Until these products are released, all we can do is wait. However, Samsung has released introduction videos for the two sets of products to build some excitement.

The introduction video for the Samsung Galaxy S5 takes Samsung’s newest approach: forget the specs and focus on the features. And the features Samsung decided to show off look legitimately useful, which has me excited for the Galaxy S5. Shown off were the new camera, fingerprint scanner, heartbeat sensor, waterproofing and more.

The Samsung Gear introduction features the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. Though they share many features, the Gear Fit stands out with its strange aspect ratio and sideways display. The improved user interface was shown off, along with the some of the new health features.

Samsung also released the Galaxy S5 advertisement that it showed during the Academy Awards. It’s a short ad that really doesn’t say much about the device, which is a bit disappointing. What do you think of these videos? Leave a comment!

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  • Nate B.

    We all know it could probably use a better design, but other then that what is the real complaint about when it comes to features and specs? I really think people confuse specs with every other aspect of the phone nowadays. Not realizing every other phone that comes out to compete in the same year all if not most have the same level of specs. Different build, but that build doesn’t exactly guide what you do with the phone. No other phone besides the Find 7 will have a 2K display. Is that really needed? Not at all. I would love it, but I can definitely deal without it. It has a much better camera. If you only see it as a 3mp bump, then you know nothing pass numbers. It’s the quality and features that improve it. Not just 3 extra mega pixels. We all can count. I hear people complaining about the processor. It’s the new 801. 800 vs 801 at the same speed really isn’t the same in performance. It’s more then numbers. The software cosmetics might not please you but it’s better then what they had before. Do we need a heart monitor? I might not, but what other phone has one built in? It’s the start of something that might get better in time and do much more.

    I really wanna know what people were wanting or expecting from Samsung. In a realistic way. I mean this phone doesn’t wow me, but I really do think people are being unrealistic.

    • Miguel

      Software features are always important but if the new model don’t bring new hardware improvements should we just spend more money on a brand new device instead of upgrading the last years model software? This year samsung galaxy s5 is all about hype and marketing (sadly). The HTC dual camera is a good innovation or the Sonny new ips screen (and the removal of the anti-shatter film). I can’t really consider the fingerprint scan something new… and the heart-rate sensor is also offered on samsung wearables. With this galaxy S5 I get the felling that samsung don’t listen to it’s customers and that really upset’s me

    • Dima Aryeh

      Enthusiasts are the ones disappointed, because it doesn’t have out of this world specs. The Galaxy S5 is a very solid device with some very good features for the everyday person. It may not be our choice in flagship, but I think it offers a lot more to the regular person than the competition.


  • ihatefanboys

    Um, Copper Gold is not a real color. It can either be Copper, or Gold.

  • jerrbomb

    Awesome videos.. Not too disappointed.. I guess the real thing here.. Is that it’s not always about design.. Even though it’s a plus.. But that they are focusing more on the usefulness of features..

  • jeddo45

    That design doe! It’s so ugly though!

  • donger

    Is this the next big thing all over again?

  • Rasta Silver

    I like the video also there is no perfect Phone so we just simply buy the one that suits OUR needs