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Samsung removed benchmark-boosting code from KitKat updates for Galaxy S4 and Note 3

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If you were to look back about a year, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was just coming out into reviewers hands. Though the device had almost identical specifications to many other flagships of other makes, the Galaxy S4 benchmarked a bit better. This was later found to be code put in by Samsung to force the CPU to maximum speed during benchmark activity, artificially boosting benchmark numbers.

This approach didn’t lie about how powerful the hardware was, it just pushed the hardware harder than it is usually pushed. While not a particularly fair or nice thing to do, it was irrelevant in the end because benchmarks really don’t matter. Soon after, the whole ordeal was forgotten and life went on.

However, the short period of outrage apparently did spark some change. According to benchmark results and a developer examining the code, the new KitKat updates for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 removes that benchmark boosting code, letting the devices be naturally benchmarked.

Again, this is absolutely unimportant and won’t make a difference to those who own the devices. They won’t perform any different. However, this is hopefully an indication of Samsung’s stance for the future. Hopefully the company won’t be pulling anything like this again.

Via: Android Police
Source: ArsTechnica, @WanamXda

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  • jeddo45

    Doesn’t bother me… Don’t care for Scamsung phones anyways!

    • donger

      Right on.

  • renyo

    If they used a benchmark score to sell devices so that people could judge, by a number, how powerful their phone was, it would’ve been a whole ‘nother ball game…

    • Steve

      That’s exactly what they did

  • Steve

    It was tricky and smart.

  • hype

    Before: galaxy s4: the king of benchmarks”. Now: “benchmark dont matter.” Hypocrites.

  • Mike

    Oh come on. Like other companies don’t do boosts here and there. Does your car get the gas mileage the sticker said when you bought it?

  • Kenny

    I love Samsung Phones. But I don’t love how they show off their phones.

  • jake

    Samsung phones are the best period. And they are Android, period.

    Doesn’t every story about Samsung require one of these posts?