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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 receiving its KitKat update


Last week we noted that Samsung had published the source code for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3′s Android 4.4 update, a move that suggested that the official update may not be far off. It turns out that that was indeed the case, as several users on the T-Mobile and xda-developers forums are reporting that KitKat update is now making its way to the Magenta-flavored Note 3.

The update is a hefty one, weighing in at 495.74MB. Once installed, the Galaxy Note 3 will be on Android 4.4.2 and software version┬áKOT49H.N900TUVUCNB4. Neither Samsung nor T-Mobile have posted an official changelog for the update yet, but Sammy has previously said that its KitKat update includes upgraded Google apps and a “more intuitive user interface,” complete with white status bar icons.

The T-Mobile Note 3′s Android 4.4.2 update comes to us a couple of weeks after the Sprint and U.S. Cellular Note 3 models began receiving their own KitKat bumps. It’s nice to be able to cross another device off of the list of Galaxy phones awaiting their update to 4.4, and hopefully the updates for other U.S. Note 3 variants will be along shortly. Until then, you T-Mo Note 3 folk can check for your helping of KitKat by going into Settings > General > About device > Software update.

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Source: T-Mobile, xda-developers

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  • jeddo45

    Welcome to the club! Nothing like upgrading to the latest and the greatest!

  • Curtis


  • twatts723

    What about TMo gs4?!?! UAUAGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

  • Watkins

    This is by far the absolute worse android update I’ve ever done. The ability to write/copy files to SD has been taken away. So much for the openness of android. Smfh. If this doesn’t get fixed I’m jumping ship as soon as a better option hits the market.

    • Bassam Itani

      hey i haven’t got the update yet but if what you say is true then that is the most ridiculous update ever…whats the point of having androids if we dont have the freedom to write/copy files to sd if we want to?

      • Watkins

        Oh it’s very true.. And I’m very upset. I did find a work around though. No third party file managers will work but if I use Samsung’s clunky file manager I can make due. At the moment that is your only option. You still can’t save to SD by default. Everything has to be saved to internal memory and moved thru Samsung’s my files app. Needless to say this is BS.

  • GE918

    Got it!

  • Craig Earnest

    Mine is downloading now. It’s taking a long time. It will be worth it though. :)

  • donger

    Give me a break.

  • jasonbryant

    Downloaded mine at 4am yesterday, biggest reason I wanted the update was for the tap and pay option with Google wallet, however it still doesn’t work, called Google Wallet and they don’t know why either.. android 4.4.2 was suppose to add the NFC tap and pay feature!!

  • demetrius

    Updated, was running fine for a couple hours, then my sd card started acting funny! So I took it out,┬áput back in, and keeps on saying checking sd card for errors and is stuck there! Cant access my pics that ibhad and videos, and when I leave the sd card in the phone, the phone is extremely sluggish, takes forever to open apps and freezes, so I have it out…kinda bunmmed out….Anyone else?

  • E-man

    Just went to settings and I checked for and update and it is now downloading! Woo hoo.

  • Frank

    Not impressed. Actually runs worse than jellybean. Thanx, assholes.

  • asana

    I updated to the latest version two weeks ago and after one week the phone started to show lots of problems, when you don’t use it for more than one hour, it goes to hybernation and is very difficult to turn on, the screen does not show up and most of the times I have to take out the battery to hard rest and it works fine for some time, then everything starts going bad again.
    I don’t recommend the update as it has not that much value, just makes your phone unreliable and may be useless. I am going to return the phone and get a new one (it is under warranty).