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The all new HTC One retail launch rumored for second week of April


The official unveiling of the all new HTC One is still two weeks out, but if the latest rumor holds up, you could get you greasy fingers on the new phone in just about one month. Rumor has it that the HTC One is being prepped for a global retail launch in 110 countries just two weeks after the handset’s unveiling in New York and London on March 25. A retail launch of the all new HTC One during the week of April 6 would put the phone in direct competition with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 which will start showing up as early as April 11. We expect Samsung will still have the best-selling Android device in 2014, but the all new HTC One is probably going to fair a lot better than the 2013 model did.

The all new HTC One is expected to feature a design similar to its older sibling with a beefier spec list that includes a 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, two rear cameras and on-screen navigation buttons.

Based on everything that’s know about the all new HTC One so far, would you choose it over the Samsung Galaxy S5?

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  • redraider133

    I hope this does happen. It is about time android manufacturers announce a phone and then release it within 2-3 weeks. Can’t wait for the 25th to see what the new one holds.

  • 99steven

    I am disappointed with the S5 because it’s not metal and Samsung didn’t change touchwiz. I am disappointed with the M8 because they didn’t put a scanner in and it’s not waterproof. These two phones really don’t offer me anything new. I will wait until more choices come out.

    • Burnd

      1. Samsung did change Touchwiz
      2. The HTC One (M8) hasn’t been announced yet, so you’re just guessing about its features.

      • 99steven

        One was sold on ebay. Get with the times

    • jamal adam

      I agree the S5 was disappointing but I don’t see why you’d be disappointed in a phone that hasn’t been announced yet. It seems premature and personally I don’t see the need for a scanner unless HTC has found a better way to implement (look at the gimmickiness of the HTC One Max’s fingerprint scanner). Also we haven’t a single thing with regards to waterproof. Chill and wait to see what’s up on the 25th because HTC is ready.

      • 99steven

        More htc fan boys hypocritical ways. The S5 is disappointing because it’s not metal. But the m8 isn’t any different than last year except bumped up specs.

    • TCM

      Samsung are disappointing in so many ways, lot least their customer service. It’s abysmal!

  • 99steven

    I will take the new Z2, over the M8 and S5 so far

    • thel0nerang3r

      I like Sony phones, and it looks like theZ2 has front speaker(s)? not sure if one or two. Personally, I’m waiting for the “MAX” version of the HTC phone. Different strokes for different folks.

  • Nate B.

    That’s exactly what manufactures should have been doing. Launching it two no more then three weeks after announcement.

    Any other way is stupid in my opinion. Then they prolong it even more because they have exclusives.

    One solid phone with obsessive detail in the build and software, sane launch and release on all carriers, no exclusive colors, and a week or two later after announcement. Which should allow pre-order to happen in the same week as the announcement or the week before consumer release.

    • thel0nerang3r

      if true, this would be awesome.

  • Steve Watkins

    I thought it’s going to be a snapdragon 800, not an 801?

    • Subx

      No one really knows. Hell even the leaked photos could be taken of one of the many prototypes. We will just have to wait and see. I personally feel that the ANO will be a lot different from what we see in the leaks. But hey, that’s my opinion.
      Kook what happened with the original One’s leaks. It eked up looking nothing like them.

      • Subx

        Look and ended I meant.

  • Subx

    Yup, would choose HTC over Samsung any day! Will never own another Samsung phone again.
    Even with the higher specs that the S3 and S4 had, they were still laggy, framey ans over all sluggish. On top of that, the build quality cannot compete with HTC.
    I am not one to worry about cameras and the megapixel war. Sure it is handy to have a camera in your phone, but if you want quality images, then use a dedicated camera. A sensor in a phone simply cannot produce the same quality. If the camera is a deal breaker on a phone, then obviously these people just do not understand. You buy a phone for the phone, not the camera.

    Anyway, HTC all the way!

    • twatts723

      Well, a lot of people use their smartphone camera…because they already have their smartphone with them. Its simple logistics. Taking quality photos and uploading them to their social media is a VERY big part of the the smartphone industry. So to the every day consumer, the best camera really does have an impact on the phone they buy.
      Second, touchwiz doesn’t run as fast as Google edition, but all of the different extras do make me stay with it over another custom ROM.

      • Subx

        You obviously didn’t understand my point. I was making a point that people should not base their purchase on the camera that is included with a phone.
        You buy a phone for the phone. It just happens that they all include cameras.
        So if any OEM made the best phone available, used the highest specs, most RAM, best battery yet had a sub par camera, you think it won’t sell?
        So I’ll throw a 41megapixel camera in a Diamond Touch 2 in 2014 and you’d be happy?

        • thel0nerang3r

          I think most people buy a phone for the overall experience. We all have different needs/wants, so for some, the camera may affect the choice. For others it could be storage, removable battery, screen size. I have a micro 4/3 camera that talks awesome pics. I have a backpack to hold it and my lenses… that I don’t carry all the time. So, a better camera would be a plus for me… again, your needs/wants are probably different then mine, so, something else may weigh heavier for you.

          • Rasta Silver

            I agree with you if the Phone don’t have removable battery and Micro card slot no no no for me yet everyone makes their choices

        • Tom

          Your points are spot on. The only reason that Samsung phones sell better is because of the marketing campaigns. Most people are like lemmings and follow.

      • Subx

        Also, I’m all for custom ROMs however why should the general user who probably knows nothing about custom ROMs, have to use a custom ROM just to have a smooth, fluent user experience? Before purchasing my One I will admit, I was in the shop to purchase the S5. Having owned the Sensation in which I love and still use for work, I was curious about change.
        The One and S5 were side by side, I picked both up, opened apps, scrolled the app drawer, carried out other tests and was utterly disappointed with the S5.

        With all its top end specs, it just couldn’t compete. Oh and the beautiful build and style of the One is second to none!

  • Pam

    Yes I will get this over the S5. Very, disappointed in the S5. With a better battery, camera and processor this should be a great phone. SD card is nice plus.I also like on screen buttons

  • Rasta Silver

    It doesn’t matter which of them released first the Consumers buys which they want afterall the HTC One was released last year BEFORE the Galaxy S4 yet the S4 sold more finally so let’s chose the Phone that suits OUR. needs

  • Noel

    I do like what i have seen so far about the device and the rumored specs…but i don’t like the face of the device with those huge bottom bezels. There is a render with that huge logo bar taken out and the front camera and the sensors on opposite sides of the top speakers…will rather have that front look or something akin to the front of the Desire 8 but with more screen 80% to frame ratio. I just want HTC to hit this one out the park…there is a very good chance for them to come roaring back to their top form. Newbies like Oppo will be coming on strong to claim some of the top ranking…so HTC has to be sharp and on point. Wish them the best..i hope they give me and many others a compelling reason to pick up the M8 and not take a pass.

  • MelonAnd

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  • popartist

    There’s also a new teaser video – this time for the camera out – doesn’t confirm the leaks except that it will continue with the Ultrapixels, which are clearly explained…;)

  • donger

    So exciting.