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Verizon offering HTC One (M8) BoGo deal, $100 bill credit


Verizon’s $199.99 on-contract price for the HTC One (M8) is fairly standard, but the service provider is shaking things up a little by offering a BoGo (buy one get one) offer just days after the handset’s launch. If you buy the HTC one (M8) from Verizon, they’ll give you a second device completely free. Naturally, you’ll need to sign two two-year contracts, one for each phone, but Verizon is also sweetening the deal by tossing in a $100 bill credit if one of those two lines is new.

It looks like Verizon is going to milk the fact that the HTC One (M8) will not be showing up at Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile retail stores in the US for a few more weeks. Verizon has not revealed how long the One’s BoGo offer will last, so we suggest you jump on the offer before it vanishes.

You can score some additional savings with the coupon code “VERIZON30″ which should bring your out of pocket down to $139.99 or failing that “VZWDEAL” which will drop it to $149.99.

Via: HTC Source

Source: Verizon

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  • surethom

    BoGo?? Shouldn’t that be Bogof (Buy One Get One Free)?? Or is this term just in the UK??

    • Nick Gray

      In the US, we typically refer to it as BoGo.


      BOGO is a common marketing term in the US… Grocery stores have BOGO sales.. Marketers give out BOGO coupons for restaurants or retail.

  • donger

    Great deal.

    • RK

      I don’t think so, in long term, service plan costing matters a lot and T-Mo has best competitive rates hence deal of HTC M8 would be best at T-Mo….. check out >>>>

      • Haggie

        My wife and I have moved to T-Mobile with unlimited talk, text, and data (and no contract) for slightly more than ONE of us was paying on Verizon (without unlimited data).

        I wouldn’t have thought about leaving, but there was a $100 error in our Verizon bill and they refused to correct it. So, because of a $100 billing dispute, they lost over $300/month in revenue and two 7+ year customers. That told me all I needed to know about how Verizon views its customer.

        • Guest

          Sadly, the service and business practices at cable and phone providers is poor… The people are stupid. They regularly lose angry customers over a small amount, yet the next week you’ll start getting ‘cone back’ offers. Happens with Comcast, Directv, ATT etc. And usually the deals are only for new customers

      • Spanky

        Verizon’s coverage is far superior to T-Mobile’s, whose rates are only good if you have decent coverage in your particular area.

        • Dopey

          I left T Mobile on April. It was stupid how they had lifted there contract plans but existing customer were still on contract. Im now on Verizon with a galaxy S5 paying less per month with more data then I was with tmobile. BEST COVERAGE = BEST DECISION IN MY LIFE IMO.