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ZTE Grand S II spec list may include 4GB of RAM

ZTE Grand S II

Smartphones with 2GB of RAM are nice and all, and handsets with 3GB of RAM are a little better, but how would you like your phone to have 4GB of RAM? If a new entry in a Chinese regulator’s database is accurate, you may soon have the opportunity to own one of those devices.

A listing for the ZTE Grand S II has been spotted on the website of TENAA, a Chinese regulator, and it includes a complete list of specs for the upcoming Android flagship. Included are several features we already know of, like a 5.5-inch 1080p display and quad-core processor. One thing that stands out, though, is the part of the entry that says that the Grand S II is packing a full 4GB of RAM.

We’ve yet to hear anything official from ZTE about a Grand S II with 4GB of RAM, but if true, that’d certainly make for an exciting bullet point on the phone’s spec list. Most recent high-end smartphones have come to market with 2GB of RAM, and there have even been a couple of devices that’ve hit with 3GB of RAM, but we’ve yet to see a handset step things up to 4GB of RAM. While I’m sure that many folks would say that that much RAM isn’t really necessary, I bet that there are just as many spec hounds out there that’d love to have as much RAM in their phone as some folks have in their computer.

Does the possibility of ZTE packing 4GB of RAM into the Grand S II make you interested in this device?

Via: Engadget

Source: TENAA

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  • hp420

    It would if the spec list said it supports anything over a 2g edge network.

  • 99steven

    I was very disappointed when I heard the m8 and s5 only had 2 gb ram. The fan boys don’t mind but non fan boys do. The more ram, the more apps you can run. So in a way ram is just as important as anything else.

  • kazahani

    Well I for one can’t wait. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been using my Galaxy S4 and thought “Ya know, I really wish that this had another couple of gigs of RAM.” Sure I can run all my apps smoothly now, but twice as much ram? That would be twice as good amirite???

    • kazahani

      This was meant to be snarky. I should have added some more snark.

  • krleitch

    Only 64 bit operating systems can use more than 3 GB. Is this the missing piece of information?

  • donger


  • GE918

    Naw, I’m still in love with my Note 3.

  • Mr Minish

    This phone has more Ram Memory than my laptop… ._.