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The best time wasting games in a post-Flappy Bird world

Flappy Bird

My favorite Android games are the ones that take two seconds to get into and can be replayed over, and over, and over again. Before Flappy Bird, games like that were surprisingly hard to come by. But the last several weeks have seen an explosion in fun, addicting and hard games. Flappy Bird may have been the original but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some fierce competition out there now. In fact I’d venture to say some of the most recent post-Flappy Bird time wasting games are the best of the bunch.

Hoppy Frog

hoppy frog

Fair warning: most of these apps prey on my nostalgia and love of retro-style (“8-bit”) graphics. Hoppy Frog is no exception.

In Hoppy Frog you’re a frog with an appetite for gold flies. You jump from cloud to cloud eating as many flies as you can without falling into the water. If you do you’re eaten by a shark and it’s game over. That’s all there is to it. And that’s why it’s so great.


Squiggle Racer

squiggle racer

Squiggle Racer is a top-down racing game with one simple goal: complete a lap. Don’t be fooled though. There’s actually quite a bit of thought that has to go into Squiggle Racer. You need to plan your turns just right in order to make it around without crashing.

You can play some sample tracks for free, and it’s only $0.99 to unlock the full game (and get rid of ads, something I wish more apps would offer for a buck). There are a handful of tracks and two different modes to play through, but just the first one will probably keep you busy for awhile.


Roid Rage

roid rage

What would happen if Flappy Bird and Asteroids had a baby? They’d make Roid Rage. You fly through space. You dodge asteroids. You pick up “juice.” It’s crazy fun. You can get really into Roid Rage and unlock a bunch of ships and spacesuits, but you don’t have to. If you did it wouldn’t have made this list.

Oh, and this one’s an Android exclusive.




I know I know. I’m probably going to catch a lot of flak for this one. But what would a list of the best time wasting games in a post-Flappy Bird world be without a direct Flappy Bird ripoff?

Think of Ironpants as a Flappy Bird clone that’s slightly harder and has different graphics. Other than that, it’s probably the next best thing.


See anything I missed that would fit right in on this list? Let me know in the comments. And if you’ve already spent any time with these games we wanna know your high scores. These games are always better with a little competition.

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