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Another Google App redesign leaked, this time it’s Google+

Google+ app redesign

We’ve seen a few Google app redesigns leak lately, including Calendar and Gmail. I can’t say I love the new looks – in fact, I kinda hate them – but they seem to appeal to quite a few others. Now another refreshed Google app has leaked, and this time it’s Google+.

The leaked screenshots show some huge changes to the Google+ app. First of all, the action bar is now a bright red but still retains its Holo look. It’s not a big departure compared to the previous leaks, and I like that. The post bar at the bottom has been replaced with a floating circle button, and the post screen floats above the app on tablets. It’s pretty nice and is reminiscent of the Talon for Twitter app.

Then there is the red shade that appears overlays are open. I think that they look pretty terrible, but they could just be the result of a developer option that’s enabled. Either way, I hope they don’t make it into the final version of the app. This red just makes things look overbearing, and the gray shade is much better.

We don’t know if these screenshots are real, but I wouldn’t be upster if they were. I like the new red look and the disappearance of the post bar at the bottom. Tell us your thoughts on the new app design in the comments. Also, tell us if you think Google should stick with Holo or move onto a new design style.

Via: Android Police

Source: +Yoel Kaseb

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  • Wesley

    I like the new look of all the leaks so far. If they’re real, Google seems to be making things bolder and really unifying the look and feel of their apps. This is why they got rid of the blue accents in the KittKat UI so people’s apps, including their own, could stand out and not clash with the interface. I hope they release them soon.

  • surethom

    Lets hope the add the option to sort your Google + photos by Ascending or Descending date!!!

  • 89nd

    it hows that google has no clues about their own apps….redesign after redesign…..i wonder if this is really necessary since g+ is a wasteland

  • What

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  • Brklynmind

    Before they work on the look Google should really fix G+ apps tendency to burn out your battery and use all your data (no matter the setting)

  • donger

    Looks good.