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Domino’s adds Google Wallet support to Android app

google wallet

Opinions on Domino’s pizza are split, but I’m in the group of people who like them. Philly cheese steak pizza can’t be messed with. If you’re an avid fan, the latest update to the Domino’s app makes it easier to pay for your food by adding support for Google Wallet.

After adding everything to your cart, you’ll be given two options when checking out. You can either use the standard checkout (which only remembers your info if you have a Domino’s account), or you can now check out with Google Wallet. For us Google users, this will make paying much easier as many of us use Google Wallet constantly. Plus, it saves a few clicks once everything is set up.

Hit the widget to download the app, or update it on your Android device. And answer this random question for us: ¬†What is your opinion on Domino’s?


Via: Engadget

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  • David Steele

    I don’t mind them either way, until they added Google Wallet support, then my opinion is on the rise.

    Something beautifully elegant about ordering pizza like this for my geek nights… ;)

  • linda

    passbook is better

    • TruFactz

      And that has no relevance to the point where I had to Google what Passbook was….. even your other fan broads don’t even talk about it.

  • donger