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Google introduces separate Docs, Sheets apps for editing Drive content on and offline


In my opinion, making Google Drive the hub for all of your online content wasn’t the best idea on mobile. Google Drive is a solid online storage service, but adding document editing to the mix never made much sense on mobile. Mobile apps should be focused to be more efficient, and adding document editing to an app that’s supposed to manage your online files (of which there are many kinds) never seemed intuitive to me.

It looks like Google may see it the same way. The company has just announced three new apps, two of which are now available. Google Docs and Google Sheets are document and spreadsheet editors, standalone apps made to manage those documents that are in your Google Drive. The third app that is yet to be released is Google Slides, a slideshow editor.

These apps show all your recently edited documents, allow you to create new ones and feature offline support for creating documents when you don’t have an internet connection. In my opinion, this makes for a much more efficient and intuitive service, even if it means having a few more apps installed.

You can install these apps now by hitting the widgets below, or Google Drive will prompt you to install them when trying to edit documents in the Google Drive app. However, the Drive app will still allow you to view and organize documents. I think this is a great move on Google’s part, despite there being redundancies with Google’s recently acquired QuickOffice app, but what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!



Source: Google Blog

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  • alexanderharri3

    It would be great if they had made a editing office app (like making quickoffice the one), but splitting it into Docs and Sheets is just extra apps cluttering things up. Since Drive is no longer docs, it makes sense to split them, but this is one split too many.

    • masterpfa

      I agree why not release a single app which contained Docs, Sheets and which could be added to in the future.
      All the same any development is welcome and appreciated

  • donger