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HTC updates Gallery, BlinkFeed apps through Play Store

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Has the age of proprietary apps on the Play Store begun? We sure hope so, because Motorola has had a lot of success with this method of app distribution. Instead of waiting to release a full system update to a device to update a core app, Motorola started uploading core apps to the Play Store to update them as frequently and as fast as it liked. Camera, Active Display, Gallery and more were updated many times in the last few months, significantly improving the experience of the devices.

HTC is going for the same approach with the all-new HTC One (M8), and the company has just released updates for both the BlinkFeed and Gallery apps. The BlinkFeed app received optimized scrolling, more social content and bug fixes, while the gallery saw the addition of tapping anywhere to apply the Foregrounder effect. While the changes aren’t big, it’s great to see HTC giving consumers app updates faster.

It looks like Samsung is falling behind in this game, though we may see the company take the same approach once the Galaxy S5 launches tomorrow. Because obviously, this approach is the superior one. Who doesn’t like faster updates? If you’re an HTC One owner, download these updates by hitting the widgets below!



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  • 99steven

    Samsung falling behind htc in updates? Ya maybe for two phones. But when it comes to the past, htc us way way behind. Samsung is going to update the s3 to kit kat, that phone is two years old. Htc is not updating the one x or one s, which is the exact same age. Htc isn’t even updating the one x+, that phone is just over a year old, so it is going to take htc years to catch up

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Not updates, but support for new things like uploading apps to the Play Store. Historically, Samsung has kicked HTC’s ass in update speed and support length. It’s true. But I wish Samsung would upload core apps to the Play Store so we’d get updates on apps faster than every firmware update.

      • Cory

        Actually you are wrong. HTC I’m terms of update speed has always been faster than Samsung. Try doing some research instead of spouting false fanboyismshttp://m.pocketnow.com/2012/12/21/android-update-statistics

    • phil

      Obviously knot a HTC ONE owner..??

      While i agree in some respects,it knot about who did or did,nt do,it,s about WHO IS DOING IT NOW..!!!

      As a very happy owner of the M7 model i can tell you SAMSUNG at present dont even get 2nd prize,shame realy as they gave us some great phones seems after launching the S3 they just rested on there now very dusty larels

    • Cory

      The One X X+ and One S updates aren’t HTC’s fault. The Chipman er dropped support for the processor.

  • redraider133

    Love these quick updates. Previously this would have taken months for it to be updated with a full OS update. Hope other OEM’s go this route as well. Will be interested to see if they can or what they improve through their camera app like moto did.

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