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Sony’s camera app with bokeh effect hits Play Store, only for Sony devices

Sony Camera focus

Pretty much everyone is jumping on the bokeh bandwagon. Camera phones may be impressive in some regards, but they just can’t produce that beautiful bokeh effect that comes from a large aperture lens on a high end camera. Naturally, that is. Of course, the solution is to try to replicate it! HTC, Google, Samsung and many others have been making features to blur backgrounds and keep the subject sharp.

The latest contender is Sony. The company has released a camera app onto the Play Store that allows the user to defocus the background and is similar to the Google Camera app. But unlike the Google Camera app, this app doesn’t require you to move the phone while taking the photo. This means that there is no fancy 3D depth mapping, but simply a few shots with different apertures to detect what area needs blurring.

Now, I’d compare the results with the Google Camera app, but I can’t. This app is unfortunately only available for Sony devices, so those with any other brand of phone are out of luck. But we’re not missing out on much, thanks to Google Camera. Still, it’s interesting to see how crazy companies are suddenly getting about this feature. Is it important to you at all? Tell us in the comments, and tell us how you like the app if you’re a Sony owner!


Via: Pocket Now

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  • http://no stokis

    “but simply a few shots with different apertures to detect what area needs blurring.”

    not with different apertures but with different focus points!!! phone cameras can’t change aperture at all!

  • radhika

    Name of the app is? Cant find any such thing on play store

  • donger