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All models of HTC One (M8) get S-OFF, let the modding begin


For many smartphone enthusiasts, stock software is never good enough. Luckily for us, Android is all about choice and freedom. And while manufacturers often don’t follow that philosophy, sometimes we can get our way with a bit of hard work. Manufacturers haven’t been very kind to the developer community as of late, but the developers almost always prevail.

The latest achievement from the community comes courtesy of the Firewater team, which has achieved S-OFF on pretty much all HTC One (M8) models. S-ON is HTC’s security that prevents heavy modification like custom recoveries and kernels, so achieving S-OFF opens nearly unlimited possibilities for users that want to modify their devices. And of course, one of the first modifications performed on the HTC One (M8) is a full conversion to the Google Play edition ROM.

Procedures like this are dangerous and will void your warranty, so attempt it at your own risk. Modifying smartphones is no easy task. If you feel comfortable giving this procedure a try, the instructions are in the source link. Are you excited for development on the HTC One (M8)? Leave a comment!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Firewater

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  • Christian w

    Got my m8 last week from ATT.. Before I even set it up it was bootloader unlocked from HTCDev and rooted.. Now s-off as well.. Let the real fun begin! Running ARHD 3.4 and happy as hell!!!

  • duwayne

    Supose it wanted one of the htc one m8 ,,,,how could I get it,,,am from jamaica

    • jon

      I have a suggestion.

      Find out what your local cellular network service provider uses for network bands, and if it matches the description on Google’s webpage, try ordering one directly from the Google Play store:


  • warren

    I’m so torn seeing these articles. I’ve for an Lg G2, custom everything. I had the unfortunate experience of HTC ONE X which saw me swear off HTC for their s-on crap. S-off on the M8 would be ‘nice revenge’ but the specs aren’t much of an upgrade, it will just amount to an expensive (not cheap here in Australia) payback, but probably payback will be on me when next latest and greatest comes out.

    I think I’ll try to hold off on a new phone for another flagship or two. Maybe G3, enjoying G2 immensely, besides the Loki stuff of course haha.

  • Tommy

    LOL This is great. After a solid month of sucking off Sense 6, the greatest overlay ever, the first thing you guys do is S-OFF and flash GE. Awesome. Good work guys.

    • illregal

      Just because you’re s-off doesn’t mean you’re flashing a GE rom.. You wouldn’t even need to be s-off to do so.
      Also.. Sense>GE anyways.

  • donger