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Amazon reportedly prepping ‘Prime Data’ plan for upcoming smartphone


Details of Amazon’s oft-rumored smartphone have been trickling out of the rumor mill in recent weeks, including information on its tilt-heavy user interface and images of the device itself. Today more details have leaked, this time focusing on a special type of data plan that may be offered with the unit.

According to sources speaking to BGR, Amazon is prepping a special “Prime Data” plan to offer with its smartphone. Details of the plan are still fairly light, but the tipsters speculated that Amazon may offer owners of its smartphone free access to its Prime services such as Instant Video and Cloud Player, with Amazon paying for at least some of the data usage that would be incurred from using these services. That bit is still unconfirmed at this point, though.

It’s also suggested that the Amazon smartphone could be an AT&T exclusive in the U.S. Just like the details of the Prime Data plan, though, that tidbit is still very much a rumor at this point.

While there’s still quite a bit that we don’t know about the Amazon smartphone and its Prime Data plan, the device could end up being a pretty big deal in the wireless world. Not only is Amazon a huge company that would be entering the smartphone space for the first time, but it’s also got the cash and clout to strike some unique deals that could make its handset more enticing.

Based on what we know of it so far, what do you think of Amazon’s smartphone? Are you looking forward to the device’s rumored June debut?

Source: BGR

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  • bob

    I was looking forward to it, but if it’s an AT&T exclusive forget it.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Why are sources speaking with BGR? Don’t they only like iPhones over there?

  • markos

    I agree. I do not want AT and T. But would give AT and T users some great streaming choices. Being with Sprint I don’t limit my data. For as much money as are investing I hope not carrier exclusive.

  • ddd

    if you want Google experience avoid amazon tabs and phones. They have turned something that should be open into a proprietary device like apple

  • rauelius

    If you want it to fail tie it to a carrier.

    Playstation Phone – Exclusive to Verizon – Failure
    Microsoft Kin – Exclusive to Verizon – Failure
    Facebook Phone – Exclusive to At&t – Failure
    Galaxy Nexus – Exclusive to Verizon(at first) – Biggest Failure of all Nexus Phones
    Blackberry Z10 – Exclusive to At&t – Failure
    Playstation Vita – 3G Exclusive to At&t – Failure

    I would choose an Amazon Phone as a secondary phone to my OnePlus One were I able to just get an unlocked one(Price it the same as the 8.9″ Kindle) and use it on T-Mo. It’s as if the sole successful Exclusive (iPhone 3G) poluted the minds of everybody so much that they can’t see that more often than not making your phone exclusive to one carrier will most likely result in your product being a failure as you loose the early adopter(people like us who visit Android And Me and likely prefer an unlocked phone with a pre-pay plan).

  • rauelius

    Original XOOM tied to Verizon – Failure
    Most Motorola Phones were tied to Verizon – Motorola became irrelevant until Google Bought them.

  • rauelius

    I’m on T-Mo, and even if this phone was exclusive to T-Mo, it will be a failure. If Amazon really wants this to succeed, they have to sell it unlocked, for about the same priced as a corresponding Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ and offer realistic storage options for 2014(32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB) as the OnePlus One has proven, just because a phone is 64GB doesn’t mean it has to be artificially overpriced or unavailable(try finding a 32GB/64GB US Galaxy S5….go ahead…)

  • donger

    At&T only? boo.

  • steve

    Man the fire phone is only $179 and comes with a year of prime