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Chromecast gets support for YouTube live streams, but only from computers

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As time goes on, the Chromecast just keeps getting better. With more and more apps adding support, and Google itself adding more services to the already large list, the Chromecast has become incredibly useful to anyone who wants to watch internet media on their TV. Google has just added another services to the device, and that’s YouTube live streams.

If you’re watching a YouTube live event (like the Android and Me podcast!), you’ll be able to stream it to your TV using the Chromecast now! Unfortunately, this only works from a computer. You can hit the cast button in your browser, but your Android or iOS device won’t be able to cast YouTube live streams.

If you enjoy the Android and Me podcast and other live events on YouTube, this is the perfect way to enjoy them on your TV. We hope Google will add support for mobile devices soon, but this is still a great little feature to have. Will you be using it? Leave a comment!

Via: Droid-Life

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  • Brandon

    We watched a You Tube live stream on our chromecast last Saturday and Sunday with the iOS YouTube app. We didn’t have any issues and I never even considered that it might not be an available feature yet.

  • tp

    Fantastic, I only watch a couple of livestreams but being stuck to my laptop when we watch everything else youtube on our tv was getting annoying. Great move.

  • donger

    Step in the right direction.