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Galaxy S5 gets water tested, plus more

Galaxy S5 Water Test

Samsung hasn’t marketed its Galaxy S5 as being ruggedized, but perhaps it should. Recently, we showed you a drop test in which the Galaxy S5 held up almost perfectly. The same team over at TechSmartt decided to put the Galaxy S5 to the test again with a water test/washing machine test. Samsung rates the S5 as being IP67 certified for water, which means that it can survive for up to half an hour in up to a meter (3.3 feet) of water. So how did it actually fare?

The S5 handled it flawlessly. While sitting in a pool at 3.3 feet for an hour, the Galaxy S5 continued to run the entire time and when taken out, worked perfectly with no signs of water leakage. With that success, the team took it even further by throwing the S5 into a pair of blue jeans and putting it into a normal cycle in washing machine. After fifty minutes of spinning, sloshing, and generally being tossed around in water and against metal, the Galaxy S5 came out working perfectly. Not only had it withstood water damage, but it also managed to keep the display fully intact. An impressive feat, to be sure.

What are your thoughts on the S5′s resilience? Does it make it more appealing?

Source: TechSmartt

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  • Faslane

    Absolutely. I could care less about a few features like fingerprint toys and smart stay features etc but the water and dust resistance is huge. I hope the Note 4 has these capabilites. Until the release which is rumors to have them I have a nice IPv7 rated case that’s awesome. Even an Otterbein Defender ALL MOST provides this. Not quite but I bet if you dropped it in water and snagged it quick it’d survive.

    • SomeGuy23

      “I could care less about a few” Perhaps you mean you COULDN’T care less?

  • redraider133

    More appealing than just about everything else. This added protection is great for the times things happen that you weren’t planning (drop in water, etc) and I wish this would become standard across flagship devices. If you are paying $500+ for a device, it should have all of these features. I feel like this will be a huge selling point for samsung, and I feel it was smart of them to include these features.

  • Chris

    Great review devastated by lousy, loud music

  • Wayne

    I want one…

  • yorkshire_geek

    Let’s see how waterproof it is after a year’s use.

  • 99steven

    Now try the m8. You loose this one htc

  • Robert sisson

    Great test. Certainly the ultimate water torture test. For me, I’d take the s5. Keep up the good work.

    • Srini

      Still cheap Plastic for the pricey phone.

  • Anil kapoor

    I will buy s5 but let us see how is iphone6.

  • masterpfa

    Impressive I must admit, a whole hour submerged in a pool, followed by the battering in the tumble dryer.

    Still not for me though but for those who were considering, this is great news.

  • Jack Skowron

    I’m deciding between the S5 and the HTC flagship. This certainly nudges me in the direction of the Samsung.

  • Muppet

    Agreed, Samsung has Amazing built quality and this stands out for me more than any of the New Features.

    Although I am consered about the plugs blocking the usb and power ports . Will this wear out after extended USE?

    Overall it looks amazing and Definitely is worth upgrading .
    Great Video :)

  • Clemson

    I don’t plan to drop it in the washing machine anytime soon but it looks like bath time with the kids is now a little bit safer on my electronics! Samsung S5 looks like a keeper to me!

  • rishabh

    Sure thing s5 is better than m8. M8 failed the drop test …. The aluminium back got a dent. Gs5 is a better choice.

  • Ray

    I hope the standard back cover works with inductive chargers, or that aftermarket back covers retain the water rating.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      The official Samsung wireless charging rear cover is already available for pre-order, and it features the waterproofing.

  • Jay

    All these best screen ever, monster battery, awesome camera, and now this. Kudos Sammy. You’re on a whole new level.

  • Brandon Posey

    I can’t wait until my s5 gets here! Sammy ftw!!!

  • donger

    It’s alright.