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Google Calendar leak once again shows new Android UI could be coming soon


Just one week ago now a revamped version of Gmail for Android was leaked showing Google experimenting with a handful of new features and a completely updated user interface that did away with a lot of the work Google has put into unifying the look of Android and third-party apps along with it. The leak was presented as not anywhere near final, with no way to know if Google really plans on changing how Gmail works and looks on Android devices. But a leak of a new Google Calendar app for Android has us wondering if Google really is about to turn Android on its head.

Once again acquired by Russell Holly of Geek.com, the new Google Calendar update shows some extreme changes coming to the Android app. Before we go any further it’s worth noting that the app we’ll actually be looking at today is called Timely, which is an internal name for the “Calendar app that ships with every device approved to run Google Mobile Services.” In other words if these internal changes pan out, they will be coming to the app you know and love as Google Calendar. Continuing on, feature wise the updated is packed to the brim with things users have been requesting for years now. Perhaps the two biggest features are social integration, something that’s been available in other calendars for a long time now, and a daily agenda feature that would email you a rundown of what you have planned for the day (something we think would work well with Google Now).

Outside of new features, it would appear Google has a complete visual overhaul planned as well. As with the Gmail leak, gone is the navigation drawer icon that even recently updated Android apps use, and in is a more (sorry, we’re going to say it) iOS 7 style icon. Whether or not this looks better is completely subjective. Whether or not Google needs to update Android, forcing developers to change their apps if they want to really blend in with the OS, well that’s a different article for a different day. The rest of the app is also changed with big, bold color blocks and a handful of slick animations.

We have no idea if this exact UI will make an appearance on Android or if Google is going to change the action bar to be more in line with current Android apps, but Holly says the app looks and feels very much ready for prime time. Which means Google I/O this year could be a lot more interesting than we originally thought.

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  • surethom

    Nice looks way more useful. I really don’t like the default Google calendar the month view is horrible this looks way better.

  • Dirty Budha

    Google Calendar’s MOST annoying trick is to remind me via notification, which I tell it to do, of an event but to also remind me via gmail email, which I never told it to do, of the same event. This happens when I setup an event via the Android app.

    Fix that and they’ll have made a milestone to me. It’s the stupidest problem.

    • w00x

      Go into your Calendar from the browser and set the default notifications for the events. You either have those set to add a reminder via e-mail automatically, or you have the “e-mail to guests” thing on by default and since it is considering you a guest, it sends you an e-mail.

      I have never experienced the problem you are describing and I have used Google Calendar for the past 4 years.

  • 5644

    looks good

  • SGB101

    Looks nicer than the stock app, even tho Callander isn’t bad at the moment.

    As a long time user of timely I don’t want them messing with it. The ui is far from googlie, but still loverly, more so than Google’s design language, and it’s function is far superior than any alarm app.

    Please be respected to it Google.

  • donger