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Google lets slip image of blue Dialer app


We’ve seen several hints of an upcoming Android update in recent weeks, but so far there’s been no real evidence of what goodies that upgrade might contain. That’s changing today, though, as Google has tweeted an image that hints at one tweak that might be coming with a future update.

In response to a user question about a Nexus call duration counter, the official @GoogleNexus account today tweeted out a screenshot that shows a Dialer app that’s different than the one most of us are using today. As you can see in the comparison above, the new Dialer app loses the phone icon and trades in its gray color scheme for something more blue.

Recent leaks and app updates have shown that Google is starting to integrate more colors into its apps, especially in their action bars. Still, it’s nice to get an early peek at what’s likely a new version of Android’s Dialer app that could be coming with a future update. Exactly when that’ll happen is anyone’s guess, but hey, at least we’ve got a preview of Google’s future plans for Android.

What do you think of this new Dialer app? Do you prefer the blue or gray color scheme?

Via: Android Police

Source: @GoogleNexus

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  • vforvortex

    I think that it must be a slow news day.

  • HectorPA

    Who gives a rat’s arse about a color scheme, except maybe the diehard narcissists.

  • Bart
  • Guest

    All the changes we keep reading about Android updates are silly colors or app icon changes. I dont care what Color the dialer is. Manufacturers will change it anyway. Heck, give users a color wheel and let them choose; isn’t that what Android is supposed to be about. If they don’t start bringing some new innovative changes, the iPhone 6 may finally get me to try

  • donger

    Like the blue.