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Google now selling the Nest thermostat on Google Play


Google’s acquisition of Nest was surprising, as Google hasn’t really gone into the home automation sector at that point. But there were rumors floating around that the company was working on automation software, and having a hardware manufacturer was a logical choice. Google purchased Nest for $3.2 billion, and we haven’t really heard much since.

Finally, Google is doing something with the company. The Nest thermostat is now on sale on Google Play, alongside phones and tablets, for the standard price of $249. There aren’t any savings when ordering from Google, since you can get the device from Best Buy and other retailers for the same price, but Google does have one perk up its sleeve.

For Earth Day, Google will be planting a tree for every Nest sold through Google Play. This addition lasts for one day only, so if you’re planning to buy a Nest, there is no better time than now. Will you be picking one up, or will you wait to see what Google does with the next generation of Nest hardware? Leave a comment!

Source: Nest Thermostat on Google Play

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