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Google to send trial dummy frames to potential Google Glass buyers


Throwing down $1500 for Google Glass is hard, especially when there are a few color options and you don’t know which to choose. It’s not like you can just try on all the different styles and then choose one. You’ll be lucky to know anyone with Google Glass at all. But Google is attempting to fix that for potential Google Glass buyers.

Some people who applied for the Explorer program are getting emails from Google offering a trial kit of various Google Glass colors. These aren’t full Glass units; they’re units that have been returned and stripped of all functionality. Basically, you’re getting the frames to try on. This will help people choose the best color, if it wasn’t easy in the first place. Then the kit will be sent back with a prepaid label.

This trial run will put a $50 hold on your bank card, so be aware of that before trying it out. But if you have $1500 to spend on Google Glass, I’m sure a $50 hold won’t bother you. It’s good to see Google making online purchases more friendly, as many purchased are best made when you can get a little hands on time. What do you think of Google’s latest strategy?

Via: Android Community

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