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Google working on new read-it-later service called Stars

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Many of us that are invested in the tech world simply can’t read everything the moment that it’s published. Services like Pocket exist to help us consume all of this content, saving links and articles for later reading. Many of these services offer offline reading support as well.

It looks like Google is working on its own read-it-later type of service, and it may be very similar to the bookmarking feature that’s built into Chrome right now. It’s called “Stars” and is currently being distributed to Google employees for testing. Starts allows a user to star links and will also automatically sort those links into smart lists and categories. It’s basically a “smarter” read-it-later service. Of course, this service will include its own Chrome extension to help users more easily save links.

Because it’s already being tested by Google employees, this service sounds like it’s already far along in development, and it could debut at Google I/O in two months. I’m pretty excited, as services like Pocket have always seemed disjointed to me. A more integrated service from Google could really get me back into saving articles. What do you think of this new service? Will you give it a shot? Leave a comment!

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  • Dan

    I am an avid user of Pocket but I am open to switching to something that proves itself better. Perhaps if Stars had some way to encourage me to actually clean out the backlog of links/articles I save for later instead of pack-ratting…I tend to use Pocket in lieu of making bookmarks, almost.

    • Chad

      I’m guilty as charged as well. I am a Pocket pack-rat I always hoped they’d implement something that would notify me about the articles/links I have stored to get me to go back in my spare time and start offloading some of that info. I’m open to Google creating a new service, I’m also open to Google just purchasing Pocket.

  • SGB101

    Would be easier to turn Greader back on!

  • perry

    “…services like Pocket have always seemed disjointed to me….” Really? In what way? Do you mean other services like pocket or pocket itself? I find pocket to be best in class. What’s the point of just saving links? Pocket lets you save the actual article & pictures.

    As to the “pack rat” issue….all it takes is the same discipline one uses with their email account. Get rid of stuff as soon as you no longer need it.

  • donger