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Google’s Verify Apps now features full time app scanning

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Security and malware have been really hot issues in the world of Android, but for all the wrong reasons. Many have sensationalized Android’s problems with malware, despite the the fact that the problem is extremely minimal and completely eliminated with the smallest amount of common sense. Either way, Google takes security very seriously and has now updated Verify Apps, its security scanner.

Previously, Verify Apps would scan every app that you installed outside of the Play Store. (The Play Store apps are scanned with their own system). With the latest update, Verify Apps will continue monitoring apps on your device to make sure they don’t pull tricks on you that weren’t detected when it was installed.

Google explains that potentially harmful apps are very rare, and that the risk is miniscule. But the company will make Android as safe as possible nonetheless. Verify Apps works well; fewer than 0.18% installs occurred last year after a warning was given due to the scan. With a huge majority of people heeding the warning, it’s an effective safety measure.

Android may be safe, but making it safer is definitely appreciated. As long as you don’t go to random websites and download APKs that have unknown contents, you’ll be safe. Just in case you do manage to do something silly like that, Google has your back. Do you have any experiences with Verify Apps? Leave a comment!

Source: Official Android Blog

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  • Bart

    If I have had any experience, it was transparent to me. I use AVG’s paid version and it has caught a few downloads that it claims contained viruses. I think that in at least one case, it was wrong because I personally knew the developer.

  • 99steven

    I have never had a problem with security and I hack the hell out of my phone, downloading apps from anywhere I like. I don’t think I want the continuous security check because that will be another app running in the background slowing down my phone. I will just greenify it

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      You can disable it in settings! it’s not a required service, luckily.

  • renyo

    Someone should see how much of a hit battery life takes with Google Play services enabled… I for one could see a definite hit in performance in older phones… And with constant monitoring of apps, I dunno how much more of a hit it would take…

    I just hope it tags the fb app as spyware…

  • kookl

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  • donger

    Great job Google.

  • jijawm

    What good is having a virus-free phone if the battery is dead?