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HTC DROID DNA approved for KitKat update, Sense 5.5 included

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The HTC DROID DNA is an aging device, already eighteen months old. That’s ancient by today’s standards, yet the device still hold up. With a 5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core processor, and 2GB of RAM, it is still a fairly impressive phone. But being stuck on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean isn’t exactly flattering. Luckily, that won’t last long.

HTC has now announced that the latest update for the DROID DNA has been approved, and that the device will soon be getting an update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Along with KitKat, it’ll also receive Sense 5.5. It’s sadly not Sense 6, but that’s a bit much to expect from an old device.

The update should start rolling out on the 24th, so DROID DNA owners should be seeing it very soon. A jump in two Android versions, all the way to the newest, is a big deal. How many of you are still rocking an HTC DROID DNA? And what do you guys think of HTC’s new focus on software updates? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Keaton

    I’m still rocking my DNA and love it! Would love it if everyone built a phone as nice as this bad boy is!

  • redraider133

    Good to see more devices getting Kit-kat. It will probably be the last update it gets but the added performance boosts and also TRIM support should keep this device chugging along for the foreseeable future. Still a pretty decent phone.

  • Marlin Hicks

    Still have my DNA and I love it!!!!!!!!??

  • Marco Monge

    I still have my DNA. This phone should have been named the Incredible. It has never given me any problems and is ridiculously fast. I’ve had it since it was released and have no desire to switch to another device. The M8 is real nice but i like the DNA better, its sleek and slim.

  • Ed Bridge

    The DNA is a terrific device which I use constantly. It still impresses alongside my Apple 5s.
    I’m glad to get updated especially if low energy Bluetooth will now work.

  • Dean

    I’ve had mine since about the time they came out. It’s the first smartphone I’ve had that I haven’t been itching to upgrade after six months or so. It’s a great phone and I can’t wait to eventually upgrade to my next HTC…but not for a while yet.

  • daniel

    HTC & big red are asses for the way they treated DNA owners. I am grateful for the updates, but they seemingly put them out when they had nothing better to to and only to shut up those who bought the phone , only to have it pulled from the market. Poor customer service.

  • Richard

    Great phone, not so great storage space,battery, or camera. But the processor, and the build quality are tremendous. I have loved this phone but can’t wait to get a longer lasting device and much better camera. My wife’s S3 takes much better pics with better color accuracy. I just wish the M8 had a camera as good as the S5, but as is I think it will be my next phone unless the iPhone 6 or G3 give me more to think about than boom sound and sense 6.

  • Brandon Horwath

    I have my HTC DNA updated to 4.2.2 and use my mobile hotspot very often. Now, when activating my hotspot, a warning appears.

    Apparently, WiFi hotspot may NO LONGER BE POSSIBLE on Kit-Kat.

    FoxFi has issued an appropriate disclaimer with their app as well!


  • kenny

    I love the phone . I like it better than both of the one phones . It has it’s drawbacks , battery and storage , I hope they make a DNA 2 in between developing the one model . The phone is

  • MSmith79

    Got my DNA. Would be an awesome phone except that Bluetooth phone calls sound so bad that I have to use a headset instead. Also QI wireless charging is so broken its unusable.

  • Cate

    Still love my DNA. It’s always been a kick ass phone and was only made better by the updates.

  • donger


  • 1SLo

    Has anyone else experienced after the update that their home screen is permanently fixed to lock? I did not have my phone locked before, but now I have no choice. When I enter the setting for security I can choose to lock my phone or not there, but these options have no bearing on the new home screen lock that suddenly appeared. :(

  • Jessica

    I still have my DNA and am annoyed that it is considered “out of date”. I have loved my DNA, other than the low storage allotment and no way to add removable storage. I am constantly getting a low storage notification and that is annoying. Since the new Kitkat update I now have to manually change from mobile to Wi-Fi which is super annoying!! Almost as if it is a tactic to get people to use more or over their allotted internet usage….sneaky!! As if they don’t rape my wallet enough…..

    I’ve also noticed since the update that I can have a full battery and my phone just shuts down and unless I plug it in to “charge” I can’t turn my phone back on. All in all, the DNA has been a great phone, unfortunately it seems it was a great idea left unfinished just to get it on the shelves.