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HTC One mini to launch this May, inherit new big brother’s design

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Now that the new HTC One has been released, it’s only a matter of time until HTC replaces the previous One mini with a new model that will adopt the M8′s looks. According to new info, that time isn’t far off. The next HTC One mini will be released in the UK in May.

This new One mini won’t be much different from the old, unfortunately. Though the screen will be bumped from 4.3-inches to 4.5, no doubt making the device massive when considering the giant bezels that will be on there, many of the other specs will stay the same. The processor will be a 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400, though it has been upgraded from dual core to quad core. But the 1GB of RAM and 16GB of memory will remain. A microSD slot has been added to relieve storage issues. The camera will probably be a Duo-less Ultrapixel like last year, but could be a 13MP sensor, and the front facing camera will be 5MP.

HTC’s “mini flagships” are wholly unimpressive, so it should be easy to ignore this device. Plus, with the size bump, it may be as big as a Galaxy S5, which is definitely not mini. HTC should have taken a page out of Sony’s book and developed a mini flagship actually comparable to the flagship. The Z1 Compact shared most of the Z1′s specs, and the similarly high-end Z2 Compact may be coming soon.

Will you be considering a 2014 HTC One mini? Why, or why not? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Burnd

    In my humble opinion, a smaller phone doesn’t necessarily have to have the same specs of the bigger high end phones. A ‘mere’ HD screen in a smaller device doesn’t require as much battery life, or the newest Snapdragon, like the 5″+ phones. It can run fast and smoothly with less. The iPhone 5S, for example, has horrible hardware and is yet considered to be “high end”, because it performs well and the display is really nice.

    What I think that matters in a small device is a premium feeling. HTC and Samsung mostly focus on their bigger devices, and their “mini” version are more like secondary phones. The current One Mini is a disgrace to the M7. It just doesn’t feel that premium as the One, and that should change. A lot of people prefer “normal” sized phones, and they should be taken more seriously. (Good to see Sony is started to do this.)

  • donger


  • Reese

    I’ve got the original One Mini and overall its a pretty good phone. However, only having 1gb of RAM really hampers the performance. Multitasking is abysmal. Very disappointing to see that HTC hasn’t learned their lesson in this dept and corrected the shortcoming for the updated One Mini. I’ll be giving thee Z2 Compact a strong look when it comes time to upgrade. Sorry HTC.