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HTC, Samsung lead new innovation with smart gloves

HTC Gluuv (2)

HTC and Samsung are always competing to see who can come up with the next big hit, but sometimes they both have the same idea at once. Coincidentally, Samsung and HTC have both just revealed their latest products in the up-and-coming line of wearables: smart gloves. HTC has gone with the moniker of the HTC Gluuv, while Samsung decided that the appendages are more important and dubbed its smart glove Samsung Fingers.

HTC Gluuv

Starting with the HTC Gluuv, we can see that it has a sleek, modern design and is packed to the gills with specs. The Gluuv connects with the new HTC One (M8)  physically for an even stronger connection. It brings some neat features to the table, such as a BoomBass accessory, to add even more sound to your HTC One (M8) with BoomSound. Even better, BoomBass charges via Gluuv when you carry it on your shoulder. In fact, the entire Gluuv is packed with gestures. To “like” something on Facebook, simply give it a thumbs up with Gluuv, and bam, it’s liked. And if you think that you’ve found love at first sight, double check by swiping right with Gluuv to see how Tinder pairs you.

With Gluuv, we were glad to see that HTC didn’t stop innovating with camera technology. HTC Gluuv packs an incredible 87.2-megapixel camera that can give you the world’s best selfie. But it also allows you to quickly and discreetly take magnificent pictures of the world around you. If you see something that piques your interest enough to take a picture, simply air pound it and Gluuv will automatically focus and shoot. If you want to do more with the photo, gesture editing is available with an intuitive pinch for bokeh effect.

Samsung Fingers

HTC isn’t the only manufacturer to innovate, though. Samsung has gone all out with its latest wearable, Samsung Fingers. Samsung Fingers is incredibly flexible and easy to use, thanks to the 3-inch Super Emo-LED display within the palm that allows for maximum control. The glove also features specs for the spec-hungry such as 5G connectivity, 802.11wz Wi-Fi, 4GB RAM, 32 or 64GB storage, 16-megapixel camera, built-in speaker and mic and a weight of just 1 gram. Fingers is also incredibly thin at just .2mm.

Features are where the magic really happens. Samsung Fingers can create a virtual version of you so that people can literally talk to your hand. It can also give you on the fly information about what is in your hand with a neat ability to keep beverages either hot or cold  by manipulating the potential and kinetic energy of an object. Worried about losing power too quickly? Don’t. Samsung Fingers features rapid solar charging. If you start losing power, just raise your hand to the sky and allow the sun to restore Fingers to full energy.

Samsung Fingers Gestures

Several gestures are programmed, including gestures to make accept, or reject calls and a special gesture that allows life-like reproduction of flatulence when the corresponding finger is pulled. Best of all, if you contort your hand into the shape of Spider-Man’s hand when he’s shooting webs, then you can shoot out a laser projection of what is on the Emo-LED display of Samsung Fingers. Possibly the greatest feature is that Samsung is marketing to all audiences with two variants of Samsung Fingers. Samsung Fingers Tough is for those of you out there who like to look intimidating, with durable studs mounted on each knuckle. Samsung Fingers Class is for the more suave crowd, with life-like touch sensitivity, as if you weren’t even wearing a glove.

Overall, we have to applaud HTC and Samsung for their definitively, without a doubt, surely not fake smart gloves. We even give them kudos for launching on the first day of April, a perfect day to launch such innovative products.

What are your thoughts on these absolutely real smart gloves that are definitely not a hoax?

Source: HTC, Samsung

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    I think this is an April fools joke. You got to be a frickin idiot to walk around with your palm at the sky to charge your smart glove… that you are wearing around lol. And a laser projection spiderman holographoc projection…cmon maaaan.

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    Even if this was real,Nintendo did this in the 80′s with the Power Glove… Anyone remember that??

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    Are these Gloves are the one like that was used by Tom Cruise in the movie “Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol” Well jokes a part. This is great invention if they are working on “Smart Gloves” as they are the biggest tech giant in producing Smartphone and their accessories like wireless charging pad , screen cover and much more. Looking forward for the invention which seems interesting!

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    I started to believe it until I saw the 87.2MP camera….yeah right coming from HTC…not a chance

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