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HTC training doc hopes to get sales reps to promote the One (M8) over the Galaxy S5


With the US retail launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 just a few hours away, HTC is going on the offensive. A leaked training document intended for thousands of sales reps working at service providers in the US highlights the “Top 5 reasons why the HTC One (M8) is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5.” The document doesn’t compare the two phones spec for spec, but it does zero in on a few of the features which do make the HTC One (M8) a better choice for those who want a premium smartphone experience.

Samsung will probably be punching back quite hard with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign kickoff in the next few days which could easily drown out HTC is its marketing push. On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a few features which make the phone stand out, but it’s hard to know if the general public really wants a phone with a heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner.

Motion Gestures, BoomSound and the exquisitely crafted aluminum unibody shell of the HTC One (M8) are extremely compelling selling points, but it’s hard to know if retail sales reps will take the bait and push HTC’s flagship over Samsung’s.

htc-one-m8-versus-samsung-galaxy-s5-training htc-one-m8-versus-samsung-galaxy-s5-training-1 htc-one-m8-versus-samsung-galaxy-s5-training-2


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  • namesib

    Lol @ Zach Epstein’s comment.

    The hyperbole is real.

  • paximos

    Cancelled my HTC Developer edition and just bought the Samsung Galaxy S5 US LTE (Unlocked) version…no regrets….really bad experience with HTC’s online store..

  • SubX

    I will help promote the One M8 overe the Samdung crap any day.

    If HTC will give me the resources to do so, ill do it for free. HTC products are far superior than any Samdung phones.

  • Asiimwe Derrick

    Honestly, the HTC ONE M8 is the superior device here. Its aesthetics and performance can not be matched by any android OEM right now. I dont know what it wil come to interms of sales but clearly, if consumers are to be more discening and HTC steps up its marketing efforts, it will go a long way in helping to restore HTC’s position. Just so you know, Samsung also released a 5 point doc that highlights why people should buy the samsung. HTC is surely on the right track!!

    • casualsuede

      It’s not just sales materials but how it is presented in store.

      HTC did a horrible job in the sprint store I went to. On a table connected to headphones (not all beats but also Jbl as well). Not fact or price tag. The phones look like accessories for the headphones not the other way around. In fact, a lady said that the red m7 (it was still for sale) looked nice but wondered if it was for sale.

      Great product, but again, poor execution. On the other hand samsung, as well as apple, LG and even Motorola had their own section. Simply no excuse. Samsung looked like they owned the store.

  • surethom

    The samsung S5 has one thing much better, the camera But the MAJOR bad thing that I hate about most phones that HTC gets right, is the front facing speaker, when will Samsung get do this?????

    • JQuest81

      I’ve wondered the same thing myself, being that Samsung has put front facing speakers on their large tablets for years, but then I got to thinking how often I actually use the speaker on my phone vs plugging in my bose headphones or casting whatever I’m doing to my BT speakers or TV. Then the Boomsound speakers become less of a selling point to me and my attention turns to other unique features.

      I’d jump all over the M8 if it’s camera didn’t kill it for me.

    • Paul Atreides

      Front facing speakers aren’t that big of a deal for most consumers including myself especially with things like Chromecast available now. HTC needs to find a way to design those speakers so it doesn’t extend the device so much. Boomsound will never save HTC though. Those gimmicky cameras must go also.

    • namesib

      No thanks. I don’t like the long design that front-facing speakers require.

  • twatts723

    I think that all the people that dont read these biased blogs, i.e. $10/hour carrier store salesclerks, are gonna push samsung gs5. Lol. Hahaha haha hahahahaha. Btw, there is a gs5 advertisement under this article.

  • Sam

    As the smartphone war gets more aggressive, people would do anything to get extra sales. Let’s see who the real winners really are – HTC one vs Samsung Galaxy S5 should be really really interesting competition.

    • SGB101

      It won’t, Samsung will win. It has nothing to do with who’s is better. Most people have decided what they want before they step foot in a store.

      Samsung has the branding and rep now, HTC lost traction and has never regained it. I think HTC is a far nicer product, but samsung have the removable battery, and battery life is most people’s major concern.

      With batteries becoming decent in theses to phones, people may care less next year if they are internal or not. Time will tell.

  • 99steven

    Motion gestures shouldn’t even be considered a feature, it has been available for years threw android. It’s not my problem people Don’t know how to research

  • donger