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Leaked photo of LG isai FL shows off tiny bezels, coming to Japan

LG isai FL

If you’re anything like us, you’re not a fan of big bezels. It’s one of the reasons the newest flagships appeal to some of us less than they should. The HTC One (M8) has absolutely massive bezels, making the device so much larger than the display hints at, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 has slightly thicker bezels than the Galaxy S4. To some of us, this small bezels in a smartphone make or break a device.

This leaked photo of the LG isai FL amazes me with just how thin the bezels are. The top border is almost as thin as the sides, which is something you rarely see in production phones. And yes, this phone is actually coming out in Japan on au by KDDI.

LG isai FL 2

It features LG’s now standard buttons on the back of the device instead of on the sides, which seems to appeal to many people. There are also on screen keys, as expected, but the appearance of a recent apps button is a welcome surprise. The device looks like it runs KitKat, which is great, though the custom launcher doesn’t have an ideal design.

With bezels generally growing smaller, this year’s flagships were disappointing in that regard. Seeing what’s possible in bezel reduction is quite amazing, and I wish device manufacturers would bring such designs to the States. Maybe this is an indication of what we’ll see from the G3. What do you think of the LG isai FL? Tell us in the comments!

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  • SubX

    You keep saying that the M8 has huge bezels. It so does not! The bezels are infact quite small.
    Besides the bar at the bottom that everyone is whinging about, then there is no reason to say it has huge bezels.

    The black bar in fact houses hardware.
    If you actually put the M8 and iPhone 5 sis by side, they are about the same with that large round home button in it. Besides that, as you know, the M8 houses a speaker under the black bar giving the obviously increasing the overall length.
    Please, give the bezel talk a rest. They are not that big. In fact, due to the gapless design, the bezel OS probably neede to stick the unit together.

    • Cory

      He is a Samsung fanboy. He can’t stand the fact the M8 is a better device than his beloved Note 3 and Galaxy S5 that he has to focus on one issue that isn’t even an issue. It is typical of the Samsung fanboys.

  • Dustin Earley


  • Matt
  • namesib

    YUCK, virtual buttons.

    • white_republican

      first pearl harbor and now this

  • redraider133

    Wonder if they are going to not have a FFC or if they will move it to the bottom bezel?

  • Rising33

    Wow all I keep seeing in my mind is G3, G3, G3, G3, G3….. Did I mention? G3…lol.

  • CarlosCB

    Nobody mention anything about the front facing camera and other sensors that are normally placed on the top bezel. Those this phone has that or it doesn’t have any??

  • donger

    Looks good.

  • Dan

    What Samsung??? I own Samsung and I never want to hear about them anymore…S3,S4…etc. kills SD-cards like crazy and Samsung wont admit it, tell each client that they never hear about this problem. There are thousands of complaining people on forums all over the internet.
    I go for LG from now on, good for them and I cant wait for G3 model.
    Since memory become so cheap why they don’t stock their phones with 128gb. from start so we don’t need to buy SD-cards because usually who have money for a phone like that for sure will spend extra bucks for a SD-card. Phone company would make the profit off the cards also.
    When you use a high camera and are so many applications you can use with phone this days you need space.