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LG G Watch to be released in June for 199 euros


We’re excited to see the LG G Watch launch, especially since it’s said that the device will be fairly cheap in order to stay competitive and offer developers a low-cost device with which to create apps. The latest rumors say that the price will be 199 euros, which translates to $275 USD. But don’t fret just yet, because prices aren’t usually directly converted like that. We may even see the G Watch arrive here in the States for $200.

There is a bunch of new info in this rumor. The G Watch’s display will reportedly be 1.65-inches, will feature a resolution of 280×280 and is said to be always on. This means you won’t have to press a button or perform a gesture just to check the time. Another feature is water resistance, which we expect to see included with a watch. The G Watch isn’t waterproof, though, so dunking it isn’t a good idea.

The LG G Watch will come in two colors – gold and black – and will launch in June. Considering that it will be the first Android Wear smartwatch available and is aiming to be the “Nexus” of Android Wear devices, it should be a good announcement. Are you excited for the LG G Watch or are you waiting for something more fancier? Leave a comment!

Source: Lesnumeriques (translated)

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  • SGB101

    Still a bit expensive, it needs to be cheaper to attack everyday watch buyers, or highly expensive to attract the luxury watch market. This is middle of the road, to much money for everyday wearers, to little for jewelry.

    They best get this out quick, as once moto launches theirs and sales will go that way anyway.

    Is it me or does that look like the old ipod apple pulled as people started mounting then to wrist bands?

    • masterpfa

      Good spot, the ipod nano.

      many I think will wait to see what other OEM’s have to offer before committing, I will one of those at the shop door on release day. No not to buy but to have a play. I’m waiting personally for the Motorolla 360

  • Nigel

    Too pricey considering not waterproof. Same price as a tablet but it’s not got any of the reasons for its costs like a large display.

    I do though begin to see the end of the smartphone for some users, if you’re looking at a tablet for big display and looking as your watch for small things, what exactly is the phone doing other than being a hop-off point between frequencies? You can make the phone focus on being basically a big battery waterproof thing you just need in your proximity you don’t really look at, it can the worn…. in a belt for example. You then interact with your wrist watch to talk to (hand near head like you’d hold a smartphone) and to see who’s ringing, and a tablet for everything else.

    • donger