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LG G3 to feature a 2560×1440 display, according to photo of benchmark

LG G3 resolution

The two biggest Android flagships of the year have been released and are now battling it out for the title of top Android smartphone of 2014. That doesn’t mean they are the only ones that’ll be fighting for that crown, though, as there are a few other players that haven’t released devices yet. Two examples are the OnePlus One, which will be announced in a little over a week, and LG’s G3 flagship.

Thanks to a new photo of a benchmark running on what is claimed to be an LG G3, we now know a few new details about that upcoming device. The GPU is listed as an Adreno 330, meaning the processor is a Snapdragon 801. Considering that the device is coming out so late and that the Snapdragon 805 will be available soon, LG sure is cutting it close. The second piece of info is more interesting though: It claims that the G3′s display resolution is 2560×1440.

Yes, we’re finally going to see a WQHD display in a high-profile device! Though many of our commenters aren’t excited for such a display because of concerns related to performance and battery life, it’s still quite exciting. LG has confirmed that its next smartphone will have a WQHD display, so it’s likely that that will be the G3.

Unfortunately, not many other details of the LG G3 were given. The bezels are seemingly bigger than the G2′s, which seems to be a trend among flagships this year. I hate big bezels, so this is a bit disappointing. Still, it’s great seeing a new display being used for the G3. Are you excited for LG’s next flagship? Leave a comment!

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Source: Ubergizmo

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  • 99steven

    I have tried htc many times, have tried samsung many times, but I have never used a lg android phone. I was hoping to try them out this year. Maybe with a display like that, I will give them a try because Samsung and htc didn’t hit a homer this year.

    • MrPatate

      I have an Optimus G (1.5 year old). With the release of my phone LG claimed they would change their bad update habit, and they haven’t. They make GREAT hardware, but sucks on update. If updates are important for you forget LG (other than the Nexus 5).

  • http://muddypa.ws/blog nportelli

    I’d rather they did a 1080p 4.3″ screen.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Based on comments I’m reading, it would seem that phones should be available in 4″, 5.2″ and 6.3″ screens with the same internals. That would serve most people.

  • redraider133

    Interesting to see all the other high end specs and then the choice it appears to use the snapdragon800 when the s805 will be readily available. Hope maybe this changes before production.

  • abe

    I love LG phones , i am using G2 and i am really satisfied. ..

  • Rising33

    If these r the specs LG is throwing into thier ( flag ship ) phone then I might as well keep my G2 and till 2015…. 2014 is not the year for me to get new phone. The snapdragon 800/ adreno 330 combo is plenty good peopel no matter what phone ur holding. I mean if it has something like an awsome camera or other feature to set it apart maybe but heeeeck no. Seriously 801/ 330 combo on such a high res screen will surely burn ur phone out in half a day. Not to mention games and media content thats not updated to look good a higb res screen like that. Im at 1080p…. Give me ultra on a 60-70 inch tv and then were talking.

    • Mico

      We all know this is a prediction
      Some might be true and some might be wrong.

      One thing im sure LG is doing good and they will do their bEst to be on the top!

      G2 is a proof…
      Expect G3 will be more better than the competitors…

      I want G3!
      So exciting….

  • Samson

    The big bezel thing is the problem!

  • Samson

    Mayb i’ll rather go 4 the G’2!

  • Jason

    I was very excited about the GS5, then let down by he build quality. And who cares about a heart monitor on a phone.

    Then excited about the M8, and let down by he poor camera.

    Now I’m excited about the possibilities with the G3, but I fear LG will let us down some how.
    Will it be too big (5.5) or poor battery life, due to the display or poor build?

    Here’s to hoping that LG can get it right where Samsung and HTC missed!!

  • Rising33

    Really really hoping LG bumps up the specs. At least an 805 with adreno 400 : )…. LG has fast become my favorite for now lol. Hey they managed to sway me from Samsung. Im hoping they dont dissapoint. Seems like Sammy/ HTC/ LG and others hit a brick wall as far as whats available for hardware and basically threw in what was on the table. Matter of fact I dare say that Qualcomm udated the 800 a bit to make the 801 for the very same reason, because there wasnt any udated hardware available. Why else leave the same gpu ( adreno 330 ) in the S5 and HTC One m8. If LG times its just right they should be able to grab the 805 chipset. Heres to hoping. I dont see anything special coming out this year, well maybe at the end of the year. Heres to hoping LG……

  • Mr.HardBaller

    What about HEVC? Does G3 support HEVC playback? Why did they stop supporting HEVC even the previous flagship G2 did support it?

  • Gary

    The LG G3 is my next phone. I need the big but not crazy big screen because I am over 60.years.old and I LOVE my G2

  • Karma Police

    G2 best phone in the world!! LG ROCKZ!! ;)

    • Wayne

      Would you be interested in selling me your LG-G2 for cheap when your get your new LG-G3 you lucky dog?

  • donger