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More shots leak of the Android 4.4.3 blue dialer

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If these last few Google app leaks are legit, it looks like Google is planning to add all the color back into Android. Honeycomb made everything neon, Ice Cream Sandwich made everything blue, and KitKat made everything white and clean. Now, all these leaks show redesigned Google apps with crazy colors. And while I may not like it, it may be the way Android is heading soon.

Android 4.4.3 dialer leak

The latest leak is another photo of the dialer. The previous photo was leaked courtesy of Google itself, when its Twitter account tweeted out a photo of a dialer. It looked like the current dialer, but the bar on top was blue. This photo furthers the blue theme, but also shows changes in the contact view.

All the contacts now look like Gmail thumbnails, with photos of the person if available, or a colored card with a letter if not. The blue bar at the bottom just adds a bit of colored flare to the previously white app. I must say, it doesn’t look too bad.

The screenshot was allegedly taken from a Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.3, possibly hinting at a Google employee testing the new firmware. However, we’ll have to wait until the official release of 4.4.3 to see if the dialer will actually be redesigned. Do you like the direction that Android is headed?

Via: Android Police

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  • Soboku

    I just want the update to 4.4.3 to come. I’m very frustrated with the constantly rebooting on my Nexus 5 3 times a day.

    • ihatefanboys

      Geeez you people need to get a grip. If your phone is rebooting 3 times a day you have a DEFECTIVE phone. I never understood you people that have a phone that fouls up in some way and you instantly think its software and an update will instantly fix it. I had a HTC ONE m7 and the microphone went on the fritz, also had a HTC G2 that had touchscreen problems right out of the box. Guess what I did ??? I sent it back and got one that works. Waiting for the update wont help you if your phone is physically defective. That can also cause reboots in case you were wondering, everything is not software related much to the disbelief of idiots.

      • Rick

        If you have 2 htc phones with problems maybe Htc sucks and you are a idiot too

        • ihatefanboys

          My wife has only used Samsung phones and she too had to return a phone or two due to defects. Its retarded for the OP to assume its a software issue. Thats my point. Im tired of reading quotes from people that just assume its an Android software problem. If its broke you get a new one, not sit on the internet bitching about software and looking for someone else to fix his problem. Im harsh, but im not an idiot.

  • Bittunas

    This phone was actually stolen as it belong to one of my colleague working in Noida, India. We were testing the release candidate and we have already disabled this device.

  • Rick Rude

    Why the fuck would a Google employee be using advanced task killer?

    • mark

      probably because they dont want to sit there and swipe every app to close because google is incompetent in adding a close all button like in cyanogenmod

  • hell raiser

    @Rick Rude dont be ignorant . All the contacts in the phone are of Google employees even a number of transport management system for employees to book their cab service for office and who says that developers cannot use task killer app .. know it’s lame to use a task killer .. but still..

  • Patrick

    Half these comments are people complaining, or people complaining about people complaining. Oh crap now I’m complaining lol (I felt left out).

  • renyo

    Moar intentional leaks! I think its time they splits leaks into 2 categories…

  • jack

    i agree, why is he using a task killer?!

    it just takes longer to open the app again.

  • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

    Being an owner of a Nexus 5 for 17 days, I like the new dialer. It looks good, but I am more interested in what the other changes are.

  • donger

    I like blue.