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Moto X+1 custom back panel list leaks out with color, leather and wood options

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Remember that leak from earlier this month that claimed that Motorola might add leather back panels to its Moto Maker customization tool? Well today a new leak claims to have the details on exactly which leather colors Motorola will offer, along with the other 21 options that’ll be available for the next Moto X.

According to @evleaks, consumers that buy a Moto X+1 will be able to customize the backplate of their new device with one of 25 different options. Along with the aforementioned leathers, the list includes several different colors as well as the return of wood. The list is as follows:

  • Cool: Navy, Turquoise, Olive, Royal Blue, Dark Teal
  • Neutral: Slate, Purple, Smoke, Black, Chalk
  • Warm: Red, Orange, Lemon Lime, Violet, Crimson, Raspberry, Cabernet
  • Wood: Teak, Bamboo, Rosewood, Ebony
  • Leather: Black, Red, Grey, Blue

Obviously nothing is official until Motorola says it is, but leather could make for a nice addition to Moto Maker. Not only would it add a touch of luxury to the Moto X+1, but it’d add another type of finish that’d (presumably) offer a very different feel from the regular backs and the wooden ones.

Of the 25 back panel options listed above, which do you think that you’d select for your Moto X+1?

Source: @evleaks

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  • yassir

    White Leather

    • Eli Gaffke

      You must not get your hands dirty.

    • Dave

      blue leather :D

  • Chuxter

    Blue leather!

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  • Paul Atreides

    I’ll be excited if they allow removable backs this time around.

  • Jason


    • Jack


  • bk

    Would like a brown leather option. Like a bomber jacket.

  • donger

    Pretty Cool.

  • minimage

    I’d like turquoise or dark teal, but not in leather.