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Motorola’s next smartphone set to debut May 13


Looks like May is shaping up to be a pretty nice month for mobile fans. Huawei and LG are both expected to take the wraps off their new flagship smartphones at the beginning and end of the month, respectively, and now Motorola has scheduled an event of its own for mid-May.

Motorola today sent out invitations for an event that’ll take place in London on May 13. The invitation says that Motorola’s next smartphone will connect people to each other and help them to do great things. The document also describes the device as being “made to last” and “priced for all.”

Rumors have been swirling lately about a new device known as the Moto X+1 that’ll be the follow-up to the original Moto X and plans to offer leather backs in Moto Maker. However, Motorola has previously said that the follow-up to the Moto X is due in “late summer,” so it’s possible that the company’s got something else up its sleeve for this May 13 event.

What do you think Motorola has planned for next month’s gathering?

Source: Android Central

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  • Clifton Thomas

    I’d say this is probably the rumored MediaTek powered Moto E.

    • SGB101

      My first though was the E, but then I thought, what company has pressevents solely for there low cost option.

      The G sort of snook out! I was going shop to shop the day before launch, and non of them had even heard of it!

      It’s probably the X replacment and the E may also be announced.

      • redraider133

        Well seeing how moto seems to be shooting for the low end market it would make perfect sense that it is the rumored E. I would love to see the next moto x, but think we will see that a little later in the summer. Let’s hope I am wrong.

        • SGB101

          X+ page just leaked(found) over at moto

  • AJF

    A Moto G with LTE would be dominant….

  • Dave

    It’s probably the Moto G “Forte”, which is a rugged Moto G. It makes perfect sense. The G for a kind of “for all device”, it was priced cheap (“price for all”), and rugged meets the “made to last” thing.

    But with this quickness of releasing devices, I can definitely see Motorola quickly hitting that during the summer release for the next Moto X. I’m so excited. Not sure if I’m going with that, or the OnePlus One beforehand (which I’m really excited about).

  • Three chinese with a double bass

    Moto C (hinese) or Moto R (ice)

  • donger

    11 days away.