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New rumor suggests HTC prepping ‘M8 Prime’

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Rumors of an “HTC M8 Ace” have been swirling over the past month or so, hinting at a plastic version of the HTC One (M8) with specs that include a 5-inch 1080p display and quad-core processor. Now it looks like we’ve got another M8 variant to keep track of.

A new device referred to as the “M8 Prime” has been teased by @evleaks on Twitter. However, no details about the M8 Prime have been given, so it’s not yet clear how it differs from the One (M8) that’s on shelves now.

So what might the “M8 Prime” be? We’ll have to wait until HTC or the rumor mill reveals more details before we know for sure, but the “Prime” part of the device’s codename suggests that it could be a device that’s even higher-end than the One (M8). Samsung is rumored to be prepping a premium Galaxy S5 that’s codenamed “KQ” and features a 2560×1440 display, so it’s possible that HTC may be planning a similar handset.

What do you all think that this “M8 Prime” could be? Would you like to see HTC release a premium version of the One (M8) with a super high-res display?

Source: @evleaks

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  • Vance

    8ultra pixel rear shooter, waterproof/dustproof. Sign me up.

  • redraider133

    And everyone complained about Samsung doing this. Interested to see what they unveil.

  • cgmc11

    It could be the next version of HTC One Max probably with QHD screen.

    • honkahonka

      Yeah, I’m thinking this, too. The name “Prime” sounds like a Max successor (albeit, it also sounds like it could be an upgraded version of the M8…)
      Though, the rumours are flying a month early relative to last year’s production cycle. We didn’t hear whispers about a phablet until the end of May 2013.

  • J.Has

    HTC One Max successor! xD

  • therealcbone

    A higher resolution camera is all the primacy the M8 really needed, but I wouldn’t turn down waterproofing and a higher resolution camera.

  • Nate B.

    They need to start launching these things all at the same time or making it known that we do a powerhouse phone this part of the year and a phablet or tablet this part of the year. It’s really random now. Alll of this factors into success and they’re dropping the ball here.

  • hater wagon is here

    Maybe they should do everything that they down samsung for doing…then catch a few of samsungs crumbs. That way they can come out with the perfect phone again next year, and drop the ball again.. lol

    • You’re right, hater wagon

      Wow, that’s spot on, hater wagon!

  • Reticent Hamster

    Wow, I will love them (HTC) so much if this is a One Max successor. The beauty of the m8 plus a huge screen? Sounds enticing.

  • Jesse

    Yes bring a prime if the rear shooter is 8mp or higher.. A high Rez display.. And enhancements of the existing specs of the m8.. That would be a clear winner.. It does not have to be dustproof or waterproof

  • Torquel

    All htc really need to do is put in an 8 ultra pixel camera, with optical image stabilisation.
    That alone should really boost their sales.

  • DimDim

    I want it to be the same as M7 but with better specs and greater battery.

  • robaire

    Hey HTC, here’s an idea, the 1+phone that just came out realized that they didn’t have to offend people with stupid ugly inefficient onscreen buttons and gives people a axle to use either one. How about putting that vast black black strip to good use? What do you say? If you do that, offer an 8 ultrapixel OIS rear shooter, 3gb internal memory and a 128gb option you are comfortably and without reservation able to say that you make the best phone available hands down.

  • robaire

    “gives people the ability” Dam you auto correct! (see what I did there)

  • Paul Atreides

    Google Silver?

  • robaire

    What the heck, since I’m on a roll. I have a note 3 but I’m always looking for the next great phone. If HTC brings the max out with a capacitive buttons option, 3 gb of internal memory, 128 gigabyte storage options and/or an SD card I will be more than happy to dump my phone. Also, I’m not rich enough or dumb enough to carry my phone around without a case, so if a premium polycarbonate will save money and possibly enhance reception then I am all for it. Anybody who’s ever held the Lumia, or the HTC DNA for that matter, knows that you don’t have to have a metal finish 4 a premium feel.please excuse any errors as this was a voice dictated.

  • Kevhop2dis

    Why would HTC be trying to bring out a HTC M8 Prime and the One M8 doesn’t have all the features it was said to have before coming out? My suggestion is to work on perfecting one device at a time with all the software and features you say it will have before jumping to a new project. How about perfecting the use of HTC Sync Manager with Macbooks cause mine crashed left and right causing me to be come more irritated with the M8, which already was missing the power saver mode, non working notification light, crashing camera, and not saving pictures that were downloaded to the albums.

    • Kevhop2dis

      Oh yeah forgot to mention I returned it before my 15 day period ran out. Still a decent phone but they need to work the bugs out. I was a big HTC fan yrs past and switched due to some of these very reasons and I can’t say I am really surprised.

  • donger

    Go HTC!

  • XLi

    8 megapixel ultrapixel and 3gb of ram please.