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Nexus 5 software update to begin rolling out today, says Sprint


It’s now been several months since the Nexus 5 got a software update, but according to Sprint, that’ll be changing soon.

Sprint has announced that the Nexus 5 will begin receiving an update to software version KTU84F starting today, April 14. The big yellow carrier says that this update enables Sprint Spark support on bands 26 and 41 and also includes “miscellaneous Android updates.”

This update’s KTU84F build number has led some to suggest that it could also include a bump up to Android 4.4.3. Neither Google nor Sprint have made any announcements about an Android 4.4.3 update, but a recent rumor suggested that it’ll be chock full of bug fixes.

Via: Android Police

Source: Sprint

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  • 99steven

    This is long over due. I hate negative comments about Android but the owners of the Nexus 5 have been dealing with wifi bugs and calling bugs, these must be fixed asap

    • MitchRapp81

      What WIFI and calling bugs? The only thing I’ve noticed that was odd with my Nexus 5 was that calls to/from certain people (always the same) sound 1000% better (because they use a Nexus 5 or Z10) – this is actually a good “bug” !
      So far my N5 has been the most satisfying Android experience since the N7 (I’ve had all the Nexus devices excluding the Nexus S but including the XOOM experience)

      • 99steven

        It’s not on every phone. Just some. Google kit kat problems and you will see exactly what I mean. Google had to release a quick 4.4.2 to fix some of the bugs, but many haven’t been addressed. Just because your nexus is perfect doesn’t mean everyone’s is. These problems have been talked about many many times

        • MitchRapp81

          Oh ok cool. Is it devices distributed in certain countries only? Not trying to be a smartass, but I have 6-7 friends with Nexus 5 devices and no weirdness…….

  • vforvortex

    I bought my Nexus 5 from google play. using it on T-mobile, still waiting on the update. Anything i need to do from my part i wonder.

    • DoomedToStayWithTmobile

      I have that same question myself. Hopefully we’ll find out soon…

  • Tommy

    So this will be the #1, by far, thing I dont like about android. This update, which is “chocked full of bug fixes”, will probably not be seeing by my gs4 without custom ROM.

    • Gary

      An Android version that’s been so heavily modified by an OEM won’t necessarily have the same bugs anyway.

  • sona

    My nexus 5 has calling issues. Many times in between an ongoing call I start to hear my own voice and then have to disconnect and call again. Also the other person complains that they can’t hear NY voice. Please issue this problem ASAP. Apart from this I seem to have no issue and just love my N5 !

  • Supershoppernz

    Down here in New Zealand my Red ember Nexus 5 out of HONG KONG is running fine on 4.4.2.on 2 degrees. Just heard 4.4.3 released so interested in seeing how long it takes for us to get it

  • jyme

    The only problem I have with my nexus 5 is when I set my number to hidden I can’t make calls to places that don’t take blocked numbers even if I dial *82 I have to manually turn off the blocking thru the dailer

  • sere83

    My nexus 5 had a few teething problems but on the whole has been good. My main issue with the N5 is the camera experience and to be honest most of the issues I think are related to the software. Focusing is slow and unreliable. Shutter speed and HDR capture are both still slow as well.

    When you look at the camera experience on the iPhone 5s you start top realize why people constantly bang on about it. The focusing and capture of images are literally instant. Burst mode is stupidly quick and HDR capture is the fastest there is, literally destroys the Nexus 5 and infact destroys a lot of phones. I really think android manufacturers need to step up in terms of camera performance.

  • donger