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Nokia X gets ports of TWRP, CWM custom recoveries, development beginning


The Nokia X may not be the most powerful Android phone on the market (in fact, it’s one of the weakest currently sold), nor is it particularly popular, but that will never stop developers. In the quest to get the most out of the heavily skinned and modified device, developers have begun hacking it. Google Apps have already been installed on the Nokia X, so the full Play Store is available to those who want it. But that wasn’t good enough.

Nokia X CWM

The next step is to change out the entire software. Admittedly, a Nokia X running CyanogenMod would greatly increase its desirability. We haven’t gotten that far just yet, but devs have already managed to port two custom recoveries to the device. Both TWRP and CWM have been ported, though CWM is still buggy. Luckily, TWRP is fully working and has no bugs other than a graphic glitch at startup!

Of course, a recovery on its own isn’t that big of a deal. But this means that development is just getting started. With a recovery available, custom ROMs are not only possible, but easily flashed. Development on the Nokia X is about to grow substantially, and that may make the cheap device really attractive to those who like to modify their phones. Now that there are custom recoveries available, do you want the Nokia X more? Leave a comment!

Source: XDA

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  • dog99

    I think it’s sad, I want to try a real Nokia Android phone not sum low spec one. Come on Microsoft, let them try a power house phone

  • yash the gamer

    Nokiax is such a nice phone but due to high price and adreno 203(ram isnt a big deal cause nokia x platform madeup for low resource use) ! People need to think twice about them ! And about app compatablity ! We need to compromise with that !(only 70 – 75% android apps are compatable with that) !

  • donger


  • Nikitesh

    Common devs bring your magic.waiting for fully developed custom rom.highly appreciated if custom rom is ready.

  • Anthony

    Nokia have done a big mistake by launching “X” series android version. Instead of launching its Smartphone on android platform I think they should stick only to its Lumia series. I am satisfied with Lumia 920 which is the best Smartphone I have ever had and looking forward purchasing Lumia 930 with specs like 2.2GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 20 MP camera and wireless charging compatible.

  • olaide

    All is well

  • James

    I think this is great. I would not buy the X, but I would love a high end Nokia phone with android software. Nokia has great hardware, and I think they made a mistake by not going with Android years ago.

  • SouravXghost

    It’s hilarious not to face the fact that Nokia x is real well but ppl’s labour to down it. Nokia x comes with no google service but why are you all so lame?? Thanks to Kashamalaga, senior XDA member. You can root the device to have all the services you want. Moreover you’ll have the satisfaction buying the device X, X+ ,xL as you’ll get nokia, one of the most reliable brands. With battery back up for years atleast what they mention unlike sony or samsung. Mostly non-technical ppl say it has only 512 mb ram. . . Most probably they dont know 512 mb ram with 1ghz processor is enough to run almost every app in nokia x because of it’s hardware (I.C) bords etc. unlike any other generic android devices.

  • Tarique Khan

    Eagerly waiting for a custom Rom….Please release soon