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Official: HTC One (M7) to get Sense 6 update in May


We’re pretty sure that HTC would like every single one of its HTC One (M7)┬ácustomers to upgrade to the HTC One (M8), but they do realize that there are millions that will keep their older phone for another 6-12 months. In an effort to make that time more enjoyable, HTC will push out an update to the original HTC One (M7) that’ll include Sense 6, the same user interface that’s running on HTC’s newer One (M8). HTC executive Jason Mackenzie announced a few hours ago that the update will be making its way to the U.S. and Canadian versions of the HTC One (M7) by the end of May.

There are dozens of new features hidden inside HTC Sense 6, but it’s unclear which ones will be made available on last year’s HTC One (M7). The UI uplift with the enhanced versions of the BlinkFeed and camera apps are likely, but we’re hoping the Motion Launch gestures from the One (M8) will be making their way to the older One (M7) as well.

What HTC Sense 6 features do you hope to see make the cut on the One (M7)?

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Source: @JasonMacHTC

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  • sandwich

    Forget Sense 6… I just (finally) got the OTA to 4.4.2, and have been hit hard by the battery draining bug. I’d rather see an expedited 4.4.3 update put out there.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Android 4.4.3 is a very minor update which fixed bugs on devices running stock Android. Most, if not all of the fixed addressed in Android 4.4.3 do not apply to phones running custom Android builds.

    • Peter

      Hmmn, I didn’t have a problem when my phone updated. Maybe it is because I run the battery saving option all the time. I can get about 2 days out of my phone if I push it.

    • popartist

      My M7 battery life improved significantly with the 4.4.2 update, rarely dipped below 50% after a full day whereas before I would often need to top up some late afternoon.

    • David John Varghese

      If u want to revert it back to the old 4.3 sense 5.5…mail me. I’ve had the same problem and I’ve done it.

      • dean

        hello!how to go back to android 4.3?i have 4.4.2 and i have problem with battery draining,thank you!

      • Rafal

        Hey David, could you tell me how to revert back to 4.3 ?

      • Jia Yang

        Hi, after I updated my phone to sense5.5,there has been a decrease in power life even if I didn’t use it intensely. Pls help,I am currently using HTC 801e,the T-Mobile edition

      • mdgomez82

        How can I do that?

      • larry

        Help me to revert to 5.5 sense, don’t like 6 thx

      • lexusone

        Can you tell me how to revert back to older os. I have the tmobile m7 I updated to the latest sense 6 now have camera problems and sound problems.

      • aash

        Help me out here man. I need my 4.3 back.

    • syoe

      Wait till you get sense 6. It’s made a huge improvement to my power management! You’ll like it

      • sai

        i dint get the update of sense 6,i am from india(hyderabad),my ph is saying that ur ph is uptodate

  • redraider133

    Good to see HTC stick with their promise to update devices.

  • Joe

    Can anyone answer as to whether the Knock-On features or motion gestures will work on the M7? Does it require new hardware not found in the M7?

    • Bonedatt

      Nope! M7 does not have the sensors in place. Don’t quote me on it though :)

    • Bonedatt

      None! Sense 5.5 was almost perfect. Sense 6 has become flamboyant, even the subtle swipe gesture in the app drawer that hides the playstore shortcut and setting menu is gone. Sense is starting to look like the “rest”.

      • Adam

        Why so many thumbs down for this comment? He is so right. Sense 6 is clutter of visual styles and colours. Sense 5.5 was very slick.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      It is theoretically possible. There are a few custom ROMs for the HTC One (M7) which are able to use a few of the motion launch gestures with a tweaked kernel.

  • jump

    HTC is in its tough form and is sending message to its fellow competitors that they will soon dominate the smartphone market. With the release of HTC One (M7) and the features and functions it possess no doubt it will make big.

  • skhang

    Really hope the double tap screen activating to be included in this update!

    • thel0nerang3r

      I doubt it. It’s using the new low power cores.

  • barida

    i just want the double tap to wake and sleep thats all so anxious of the sense 6 update cant wait for end of may i hope they dont postone it

  • Magnus Andersen

    Will sense 6 provide better battery life for the m7?

  • Thegamerboy

    Should I go with sense 6 or cyanogenmod 11? Which one of them gives the best battery life?

  • donger


  • Niklas

    The LG g pad 8.3 has the same chip as the HTC one m7 and g pad has the knock on feature… why not m7?

  • sabri

    Htc announced that motion gestures will not work on htc one m7 due to hardware requirements.

  • Adil Ovi

    do i hav to unroot my One running (OS 4.4.2 and sense 5.5)…for this feature???????

  • Karina

    I had to exchange my phone today because the messages stopped working on my old M7. The one BB gave me is running Android 4.1.2 HTC Sence version 5.0 and says there’s no upgrade available. How can that be if my old phone had a newer version of this?

    • Jeff

      I had that problem when I bought my M7. I had to do a system restore via downloading the rom from HTC and putting it on manually. It’s an error that they should fix for you.

  • Neyanna Williamson

    I just updated to sense.6. I hate the small.keyboard.And.I.hate Swype. How.CaN.I change it bk. And I can’t use.my emoji I’m so upset. Please help email please [email protected]

  • Jia Yang

    Hi, after I updated my phone to sense5.5,there has been a decrease in power life even if I didn’t use it intensely. Pls help,I am currently using HTC 801e,the T-Mobile edition

  • Romi

    I have updated my M7 to Sense 6 and I am having camera issues, any idea how ti fix?

  • aash

    I upgraded and now my battery dies so fast am thinking I may have to get a new phone. Somebody help get back to my old system.