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OnePlus announces sub-350 euro price point in Europe for the One


OnePlus is slowly releasing information about the upcoming OnePlus One smartphone, slowly building hype while not allowing any sort of major leaks. I like the approach, and I’m genuinely getting excited for the device. The latest announcement the company has made was on Twitter, and it was price. Despite the device’s high-end specs, including a Snapdragon 801 and 5.5-inch 1080p display, the company says that the price tag will be under €350 in Europe.

CEO Pete Lau has said that the European market has shown a lot of interest in the device, so the price will significantly undercut the competition. In US dollars, that’s around $480. It’s a bit higher than the previously announced under $400 price point, but the US price could be a bit cheaper. We do sometimes get cheaper electronics here in the States.

Even so, that price is pretty low and can really be justified when looking at those specs. However, it’ll be hard to compete with the $350 Nexus 5. What will it take for you to buy this device? Leave a comment!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: @oneplus

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  • 99steven

    To me this is the most exciting phone of the year, but I am a little disappointed by the increase in price. They are now asking 100$ more. That puts the phone at 500 bucks, only 100 cheaper than the S5 and M8, not as big of a deal as they been saying forever now. I guess I will wait for the note 4 now

    • jon

      The author is not speculating that the price will be nearly $500. I’m also very excited by what OnePlus is doing — can’t wait to see what this device is going to look like!

  • sere83

    No, this phone will OBVIOUSLY be cheaper in the US. And sometimes you get cheaper electronics in the US? No, you ALWAYS get cheaper electronics in the US.

    I am in the UK and there is no phone, laptop or any electronic I can think of that is cheaper here than over there. All the big names Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony etc are raping us blind on pricing. Most UK prices are the same in dollars in the US.

    When i read 350 euro I was genuinely shocked considering the spec. This has to be the most exciting handset release in a very very long time. The biggest question for me though is how will the camera perform. These days many companies can make decent software and decent hardware but very few android manufacturers, in fact I would go as far to say no android manufacturer can nail all departments including the cameras and battery. If one Plus can create a comparable camera response and image quality experience to the iPhone 5S or lumia 1020 I will take my hat off to them. Its a big ask though…

    • 99steven

      That’s probably because your average salary kills America’s average salary. Most Americans are struggling to pay their morgage

      • nycebo

        @Steven, the average individual in the US earns more than the UK. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_average_wage) If most Americans are struggling to afford their mortgage, it’s because they bit off more than they could chew.

        Back on topic, the OnePlus sounds very interesting. But, like sere83 mentioned, the only camera that I will buy next must have a proper camera. Grainy, faded images taken indoors are really becoming a bore on Android.

        • 99steven

          US ranks 9th in the world for average salaries below many European counties, but you are correct, the average US salary is higher than the UK. And the reason many Americans lost their house is because while mortgage rates were low, banks were handing out mortgages that people couldn’t afford. Rates go up, people are screwed. The banks gambled and lost big. This happened in America more than any other country

        • 99steven

          While the average salary is lower in the UK, that does not take into account the 700 dollars a month the average American family has to pay in Medical insurance and the the very many other social programs that are free in the Uk

  • aranea

    So far I think I’ll go for this device. I’m waiting for hands on reviews and comparison to HTC one.

  • renyo

    I guess it all comes down to the camera experience… And other smaller issues when comparing it with the nexus such as external speakers, build design/quality, etc.

  • donger

    Not bad.