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OnePlus Invite System to be used for One sales


We now know the OnePlus One’s spec list, the 16 countries that it’ll launch in and the fact that it’ll cost under $400 / €350. There’s still more about the device to be revealed, though, as OnePlus has announced the details on how consumers will actually be able to buy its much-hyped handset.

OnePlus today revealed the “OnePlus Invite System,” its plan for selling the One to ensure that everyone gets a fair crack at buying a unit. Invitations to buy the OnePlus One will be shared through “friends, contests and on [the OnePlus] forums,” and the company says that buyers will be able to invite their friends to purchase a unit in the future.

Invitations are expected to be limited initially, but OnePlus promises that they’ll be easier to obtain as time progresses. Unfortunately, the company says that it doesn’t have any invitations to give away right now, but it does promise that more details will be shared when the OnePlus One launches.

OnePlus’s effort to build hype for the One by trickling out its spec details isn’t something that we often see in the mobile world, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company’s got a unique sales method planned for its smartphone as well. The OnePlus Invite System sounds like it could be a good way to ensure that neither OnePlus nor its ordering system gets overwhelmed at launch, though I can see how some potential buyers may be frustrated that they can’t just head to a website and buy the One. We’ll just have to wait and see exactly how OnePlus plans on doling out its initial invitations.

Source: OnePlus forums

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  • Nate B.

    This is not a good idea. It’s either used to cover up a lack of prep or they’re honestly expecting a sale out and choosing a way to filter select buyers which is not cool.

    If it sales out then it sales out. That happens with a lot of things. People will be just fine waiting for the next batch. But knowing for a fact you won’t get one because you’re not invited is pretty silly. I think this group has potential to do well with a solid device all around, but I personally mark this as their first hiccup.

    Companies need to stop doing exclusives, color changes, alterations, variants, etc. One phone, one price, one model, one launch day, multiple colors across the board for all.

  • MyMilan

    IMO this is the first misstep that this company (OnePlus) has taken so far. They will be losing sales because of this unfair invite system to buy the phone. If people have the money to buy this phone they should allow people to buy it. If it goes on backorder then it goes on backorder, and should be left up to the person buying it if they should wait for it or not. The invite system will just alienate potential customers. I’m sure samsung and HTC are very happy to hear about this invite system, as potential customers will just now buy their product instead.

  • redraider133

    So much for “never settle” think this could back fire on them. Guess we shall see. Should let everyone buy, unless they are that pressed for stock they want to really keep the number down until they can ramp up production..

  • donger


  • steve

    Great now this phone is going to be 600- 700 on kijji because know one will have one. Just like nexus 4 was a launch time

    • John in Brisbane

      Just order one online – or get someone in one of those countries to do it!

  • Sarah J Karper

    I was really look forward to getting one but if it’s going to play hard to get I might as well get a Nexus 5 and just forget about it