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OnePlus One and its StyleSwap covers leak out days before official debut


OnePlus has been steadily trickling out details of its upcoming One smartphone in recent months in order to build up hype for the device. The company is set to finally reveal the One on April 23, but it looks like we don’t have to wait until then to get a peek at it.

Some images have leaked out that claim to show the OnePlus One, depicting a device with a curved top and bottom and a black face. The design of the One is somewhat reminiscent of the Oppo Find 7, which isn’t a huge surprise since OnePlus CEO Pete Lau used to work for Oppo.


In addition to the OnePlus itself, the device’s StyleSwap covers have been revealed. These covers will be available in Silk, Sandstone, Denim, Bamboo and Kevlar textures and will allow OnePlus One owners to make their device a bit more personal.

But wait, there’s more! Some new screenshots of CyanogenMod 11S, the software that’ll power the OnePlus One, have also emerged. CyanogenMod 11S is a special version of the CyanogenMod Android ROM and was created specifically for the OnePlus One.


The screenshots show the CyanogenMod 11S lock screen, which is similar to the image that leaked out last month, and show the time, date, weather and battery level. Other screenshots show the CyanogenMod 11S home screen and a “Themes” menu with several software customization options.

Now that we’ve finally gotten a peek at the OnePlus One and the software that it’ll run, what do you think? Are any of you considering buying the device when it goes up for sale?

Via: Android Central
Sources: Android AuthorityOnePlus BBS

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  • masterpfa

    Not enough know about this phone yet for me to be confident of buying one, but I will have a look when it is released, but unlikely to purchase one.

  • MyMilan

    Love what I’ve seen about the OnePlus One so far. Will probably buy one the day it’s released BUT it all depends on their ridiculous “invite” system. If the invite system is as disappointing as many suspect it will be, then I will give my hard earned money to HTC for a M8 (have a M7 now and love it). Prefer the OnePlus One to the HTC One but it all hinges in the way the invites work. I’ll decide on April 23 rd.

  • CTown

    All of these theme features in CyanogenMod 11S seem to be from the new theme engine merged a week ago. However, CyanogenMod 11 does not seem to have the same theme options in the Settings that lets one take advantage of the new theme engine’s features even though the theme engine already supports these options. My guesses as to why are that since the theme engine is so new, I don’t have themes that support the new features and they are hidden or the patches to expose these features or not ready yet.

    Here is feature list of the new engine and the link I found it at:
    “The new theme engine allows the following:
    1. Simple creation of themes by compiling on the device
    2. System level icon packs.
    3. Font packs
    4. Swappable boot animations
    5. Lockscreen wallpaper
    6. Alarms
    7 Of course all the things the previous engine could do including skins, ringtones and
    notifications. There is also legacy support for old themes.”


  • redraider133

    Looks like the oppo 7. Will be interesting to see how it pans out and which carriers it lands on. Not a huge fan of CM, but always good to have more choices.

  • 333333333333

    htc one is better

  • namesib

    No virtual buttons. :D

    • Ryan

      It has been stated numerous times that the phone will have the option to use either the physical buttons, or you can switch to virtual buttons.

  • Roland

    CyanogenMod 11 is great. But I am really looking forward for another big update.

    For example:

    Since I have rooted my Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, I am not able to use Google Maps. This may be a safety-feature but I would love to use Google Maps again as a guide. When I am in a town for the first time, I would love to know how to get somewhere.

    Please fix that.

  • nour

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  • donger

    Cool style.