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OnePlus One production schedule revealed


Last week, OnePlus launched its “Smash the Past” program that lets users apply for the chance to smash their existing smartphone on camera and then buy a OnePlus One for $1. But what if you’re not exactly keen on destroying your current handset? Well today OnePlus shed some light on when you’ll be able to buy its flagship smartphone.

Right now, OnePlus says that it’s got 100 16GB Silk White One units ready for winners of its Smash the Past program. It plans to have a larger batch of white models available in May to cover the initial group of consumers that receive invitations to buy the OnePlus One.

Looking ahead to early June, OnePlus plans to have a larger batch of 64GB Sandstone Black units available for purchase. The company says that increased general availability will take place later in June and that, at that point, anyone that wants a One should be able to snag an invitation without much effort.

OnePlus previously said that the One would be available in Q2, and so it’s good to see that the company is working to stick to that release timeframe. Obviously it’s kind of a bummer that consumers that want a OnePlus One can’t simply buy one today, but it sounds like OnePlus is working to get production going full-steam as quickly as possible, especially when it comes to the larger-capacity Sandstone Black unit.

Are you interested in buying a OnePlus One? If so, would you buy a 16GB Silk White version or would you be willing to wait for a 64GB Sandstone Black version?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: OnePlus

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  • R U Crazyyyyyyyy?!

    Just read over the terms and conditions for the “smash your phone” contest. Huh??? So if you get invited, you have to smash your phone, send the video, then it gets deemed “good enough”, then you get the promo code, then yiu order your phone. Hope you have a spare lol

  • CocoWay

    I will buy 1.. I really like that phone!! :)

  • John in Brisbane

    Seconds ticking killed us all … get it out there guys!

    I’m going to get the 64 gig when it’s in general release. I’ll be selling my HTC One in the process – probably a neutral or cash-positive transition :-)

    • Cwalden21

      same here, I’ll be selling my One for that One

  • Nate B.

    I honestly think this is going to blow over and was poorly executed by Oppo. Sorry.

    • Tom

      By who?

  • wekebu

    I want the white 64GB. So sick of black slabs.

    • joey

      I would too, but they are only making the white in 16 gb and they are only the making the black in 64. So you have to decide which is more important, the color of the memory. I will go with black 64.

  • Dave

    Desqerately waiting for 64 gig version..

  • ZiCott

    I read the this phone is the exact same model as the Oppo Finder 7a, which you can order here http://oppostyle.com/

    • Vamporace

      “exact same model” ? really ?
      The shape probably is, but what about the different price ? battery ? overall specs ?

  • jo

    I want the 64GB one, though I’d prefer that it were silk white too.

  • Akshat Agrawal

    Damn man! Why isn’t Oneplus launching its 64GB model so late they could’ve launched it around mid may!

    • Akshat Agrawal


  • surethom

    16gb on a high end phone is pointless it will fill up within a few months whether it has a sd card slot or not.

    Will wait for the 64gb or may wait & see that the Nexus 6 has to offer. Loving my Nexus 5.

  • BlazeHN

    I’m really considering to sell my Note 3 to get this, 64 GB one… but who knows what Note 4 will bring to the table…

  • steve

    I want the 64 gig one because 16 gigs with no so card is ridiculous

  • MyMilan

    The “reasoning” of this company scares me. How could they not know that most people would want the 64GB version? Why isn’t the 64GB version ready to ship – before – the 16? All of this should be common sense to a company that wants to make money.

  • steve

    My note 2 screen is going out fast, hurry up with the 64 GB one, or I will be forced to make another decision. I don’t want to pay 600. Right now the Sony X Google addition is 450. I really can’t wait too lo g

  • Tom

    Dying to get myself one of these black 64gig bad boys

    • donger

      same here.

  • XLi

    Can’t understand why people smash those flagship phones to get a 1+. if you just cell those phones as used, you can buy a 1+ with some money left to spend.
    anyway, 1+ is a nice phone, I want a 64gb 1+ through the invite system……..if I can get a invitation