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Oppo ‘Smart Lens’ leaks in new photos

Oppo Smart Lens

Remember Sony’s intriguing line of QX lenses with built-in cameras? While the products remained fairly niche, there’s no doubt that Sony was onto something. Now it appears that Oppo is trying its hand at the same idea. Some leaked images out of China has revealed the Oppo Smart Lens, which appears to attach to a device with a built in clip and connect to it using NFC, similar to Sony’s products.

Oppo Smart Lens (2)

Specs-wise, the lens appears to have 10x optical zoom capabilities as well as a built-in battery. Not much else is known about the camera, but we can’t imagine that it would be low-end. There’s also not much known about the Smart Lens’ compatibility, but if Oppo continues to follow Sony’s example, it should be compatible with more than just Oppo’s phones. We’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out, but this could be an exciting product.

Does the idea of an external camera and lens on your phone appeal to you?

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Source: Weibo

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  • ddd

    if you’re going to go to this extent get a real camera

    • Ezpl

      This IS a real camera, just with a better display and with the option of sharing photos directly to any social network.

  • Bart

    Well, since your question is an user-opinion poll (in essence), I would not get it based on three basic thoughts:
    1) I already have a great camera that I don’t take everywhere because of bulk.
    2) This would be just one more thing to lug around (I may as well carry my camera).
    3) There is a saying that the “best camera is the one you have with you.” Since I wouldn’t carry that lens on me, it would be relegated to the same place my DSLR is–in the closet waiting for my next real photo excursion.

  • nour

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  • donger

    Copy cats.