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“People” section appears in Google Play, provides recommendations from friends

Google Play Store People

If you’re anything like me, you love cool apps but have trouble finding them on your own. You rely on friends and acquaintances to share apps with you. And we all have that one friend who shares every app he really likes, and we thank him for that. But Google is introducing a better way to keep track of your friends’ recommendations, and it’s now built into the Play Store.

If you open the menu in the Google Play Store, you may notice a new section called People. Pressing it will open the new page where all recommendations and reviews are congregated from those in your Google+ circles, as well as recommendations for new people to follow for the best apps. You can also open your own profile and check on what you’ve liked and reviewed lately.

This is sure to be a useful addition for those who love finding new apps. I’ll be checking it once in a while to find cool new things. Hopefully our own Brooks will start giving +1′s to all his favorite icon packs, because he is the king of Android customization around these parts. So will you be using this new feature?

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  • Cookie

    so you’re telling me i have to be careful of what i do on google play now because other people will be able to see all i do.

  • SGB101

    I’m on board with most of Google and androids innovations, u prefer contextual (targeted) adds to random add, and like that Google plus is the hub of Android, and the game centre is a great idea. but I don’t want nor need a social network around the place I buy stuff. I know you make your bread and butter selling adds (and 30% of apps), but this is just not nice.

    I’m by far the hatter of change, and love innovation of advertising that serves all, but this just serves Google. I won’t be participating, or will try my best not to.

  • donger

    Great feature.