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Project Ara team introduced in behind the scenes video


With only a little more than a week to go before the first the Project Ara Developer Conference, a new video has gone up on the Phonebloks YouTube channel that introduces us to a few more key players on the Ara team and also gives us a quick look at how Google is working to bring the project to life.

The concept of a modular phone has been around for quite some time, but Google’s Daniel Makoski explains that the use of electro-permanent magnets played a big role in the aesthetic of the device by allowing its modular components to be visible and act as the main design element. Project Ara isn’t about making a prototype device, though. The team is working close with 3D Systems to develop a device that can produce customizable enclosures for the different modules, and Google has  pulled in SoSoLimited to develop the design of the Ara Configurator App.

It looks like Google is nearly ready to bring Project Ara to the consumer market. It’ll be interesting to see how the general public reacts and if other manufacturers will partner with Google to ensure the success of the modular phone.

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  • aranea

    Wow! Until this video I thought Ara was only for developers and a few enthusiasts. Now I believe that it’s for the mass market.

  • donger