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Rumor: Cheaper, plastic HTC One (M8) heading to China

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Remember that sales rep training document from HTC that claimed that metal is better than plastic? HTC is certainly trying to push the One (M8) as a premium device here in the States, but a new rumor claims that the company may be working on a plastic alternative to the phone that will help make it more affordable for the Chinese market.

According to the report, a plastic version of the HTC One (M8) is in the works that will come with all the same features as its aluminum counterpart, but with a much lower sticker price of 3000 Yuan (about $483 USD) compared to the 5299 Yuan ($853 USD) price tag that the One (M8) carries.

Honestly, we’re a bit perplexed as to why HTC is selling the 16GB One (M8) in China for so much when the 32GB model is being sold in the U.S. for $700. HTC seems be giving the Chinese market a deal on phones like the Desire 816, but charging a premium for the One (M8).

While we love the design and build of the HTC One (M8), we have a feeling that the masses would rather have a plastic phone that’s also cheaper since most people end up using a case anyways. ¬†Do you think a plastic HTC One (M8) that’s 40 percent cheaper would go over well in China?

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Source: TMTPost

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  • aykutb

    it’s more than just rumours, today it was on major Turkish news websites and told that the price will be around 600$ for M8 with plastic body. (i know it’s a lot)

  • namesib

    “If you want to buy a product built out of cheap plastic, there’s a solution for you. But we’re going after a different customer, someone who wants the best.”

    Lolz. Getting desperate?

    • 99steven

      How are they the best? They were once one of the biggest cell makers in the world. Seems to me, if they were the best, they would have never lost so many customers

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • Tommy

    Wow. Another contradiction. ..after months of blabbing about these cheap plastic phones, and htc taking the high road with their metal unibody…

  • 99steven

    So that means we are paying 120 bucks for metal? Seems kinda of a rip to me. I much rather have a plastic on for 120 cheaper

    • thel0nerang3r

      It’s due to marketing. The cost to build a phone (just on hardware) it’s a fraction of what we pay. There needs to be factored in software and engineering costs. Also, products get priced based on what the local market will bear. It’s a complicated situation. You also run into diminishing results.

  • donger

    Now we can do a proper comparison with the S5.