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Samsung claims next Galaxy Note will have new form factor

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note line is my favorite line of smartphones, with top-of-the-line hardware and a huge display. Not only did Samsung manage to start an entirely new subset of smartphones, the company also innovated with the active stylus and managed to keep the device reasonably compact. I enjoy using the Note 3 every day. But we may soon see a whole different type of Note smartphone.

According to Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team, the next Galaxy Note to be released later this year will feature a “new form factor.” No other details were given. While we don’t know what will be done next, whether it’s a flexible display in a curved device or an entirely new style of device, I can say I’m really excited.

The Galaxy Note series has been almost the same for the last three years, so a big change is definitely welcome. Hopefully Samsung will still offer a standard Note this year, so those who don’t like the change can still enjoy their large flagship. What do you think of Samsung changing up the Note? Leave a comment!

Via: Pocket Now

Source: Reuters

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  • Anthony J Giorgianni

    This is the mother of wait and see!

  • sam sung-il

    it will be a disc, the samsung galaxy notedisc. mark my words.

  • BlazeHN

    Galaxy Note, the only line of smartphones that I really care about, they are always top of the top devices with the highest posible specs, amazing big screen and a splendid stylus. No need to have a tablet and a phone with this fine hybrid all in one device. As always Note 4 will blow minds.

    • Raw Law Girl

      I agree. I bought the Note 8 tablet, but returned it days later because the Note 3 does everything I need. For me, the phablet concept works because the less devices, the better!

  • Sam

    Good I’m waiting for the note 4

  • 99steven

    I have had every type of android phone and I always think that the note series is the best. I wish the competition would make a phablet with a stylus

  • Nelson

    I just hope they do away with the physical home button.

    • Dirty Budha

      I second that!! I’d like them to use more of the front facing real estate for the actual screen.

  • redraider133

    Maybe flexible/bendable?

  • MS

    I am a Samsung Galaxy fanatic from the S-series to Note-series. My Note 3 just got stolen a couple of weeks ago and I am using a crappy handset right now because i was thinking of waiting for the next Note-series. Gosh, i am so, so excited!!!

    • SGB101

      That’s some wait. Get a moto g, while you wait. it actually made me retire my note2, not what I expected as I was only testing my daughters Xmas gift out, ended up buying myself one and use the note as a bed media device.

  • kenneth warnershook

    Go check out wwe.phandroid.com and see there guess at what it will look like

  • maine tehk

    Just think of a lg g flex for samsung.

  • I’m your Pusha!!!!!

    Real Talk I’m hyped for this bad boy, My Note 3 slapps fiya outta any phone right now, especially after rooting and throwing Cyanogenmod 11 upon this slab, The Floyd May weather of the Mobile industry!

  • donger

    It’s a square!

  • Raw Law Girl

    I have the Note 3 and the only time my hands are not on it is when I am asleep! Perfection!

  • Bart