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Samsung Galaxy S 5 gets drop tested, holds up remarkably well

Galaxy S 5 Drop Test

Many people knock Samsung for making its phones out of plastic, but there’s something to be said for their durability. A new drop test from TechSmartt pits the Galaxy S5 against the Galaxy S 4 and shows both phones holding up surprisingly well. However, the Galaxy S5 really takes the cake, surviving four drops and being run over by an SUV.

After being dropped from waist height and head height, both phones held up well, suffering only some scuffs and scratches on their sides. On a drop from around 8 feet up, the Galaxy S 4′s camera glass cracked but was otherwise fine. After a drop of about 10 feet, the S 4 suffered some screen cracking, but the S 5 continued to hold up. As an added bonus, the S 5 got the special treatment of being run over by two wheels of an SUV. Incredibly, the only damage that it suffered was some cracked camera glass. We really have to give props to Samsung for designing these phones to be so durable.

Watch the video for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

Source: TechSmartt

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  • namesib


    • Burnd

      What does plastic have to do with cracking your screen?

      Well, except maybe for durability. I just saw a droptest (screen faced down horizontally) between the iPhone 5S, the S5 and the M8. All phones actually did quite well, even the iPhone. The M8 came out on top. The iPhone shattered first. It actually surprized me, because the M8 is heavier due to it’s metal construction, and both S4 and M8 are protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Apparently durability matters.

  • Marconi Adhikari

    Holy crap…i m still using S3 with cracked screen…may be time to upgrade…

  • LaShelton Harrison

    Samsung rules great video

  • Brody

    I just preordered it so im really excited for it. it sounds really good.

  • Howard

    Plastic by name definition means it absorbs shock better.and coupled with gorilla glass makes supreme product

  • Tariq Ali

    Pretty darn amazing if you ask me

  • Alethia Johnson

    Im so glad I saw this. I was going to switch from my s3 to Lg G Flex, but now I will have to save for my new s5. Thanks again.

  • Shawn Shepard

    Honestly Ive had the Samsung GS3 for two years now since it came out and it still works flawlessly. Even though I am due for an upgrade I love the satndard that Samsung has for its mobile devices. Ill never buy another brand of phone as long as Samsung keeps up their good work with phones.

  • Candy Boudreau

    Amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on the S5!! Thanks for standing out in the cold, snow, and wind to test these phones for us:) I honestly never understood the plastic vs. metal discussion in the first place. The slightest drop will dent a metal phone, I assume. I never dented a plastic backed phone. :)

    • RuneChemist

      It really depends on the build of the metal phone, the iPhone for example dents under a hammer test while the HTC One m8 didn’t dent at all. I feel that it was because it is curved and an arc can hold more stable under pressure.

  • john ogle


  • Michael Solesky

    Well this is great my wife has an S3 with the screen completely destroyed (still working though). Its is time for her up grade and I think this S5 will stand up to her abuse.

  • 99steven

    Too bad it took 20 years to get it right. I dropped my Note 2 from my lap and cracked the screen which is ridiculous. Samsung should now match htc with free replacement if you crack the screen in the first 6 months, if their phone is so tough

  • Craig

    I am sold. Thanks so much

  • Abishai Garcia

    I was not expecting the S5 to survive that car… keep it up Samsung for not Overselling the S5 this year, it gives us more room to actually be impressed by the S5…

  • Adam Langhans

    It better be more durable. They are friggin’ expensive to get fixed.

    • werd

      The glass only costs $50 which is nothin for glass replacement

  • ram

    iam selling my s4 any one for 350

  • Bianca

    Anybody notice he dropped the S5 slightly higher than the S4 from waist level? Any who, still very impressive.

  • noviee

    Galaxy S5 Is The Best Smartphone In 2014!!!

  • noviee

    I’m Waiting For This Smartphone ;)

  • donger


  • Juan

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  • Brandon Posey

    Samsung is the best smartphone maker in the world! I already pre ordered my s5 and I can’t wait til it arrives! Great video! Sammy FTW!

  • sue

    I am glad to see this I have been babying my phone

  • Cory

    Bull Crap dropped my Samsung Galaxy S5 WITH an Otterbox 2 feet and now screen won’t turn on.

  • Brandon

    What are you dropping it on? Fucken foam? 1 week old brand spanking new S5, dropped off lap onto asphalt parking lot from car, boom, screen is dead. Fucken waste of money, gonna buy a trac phone and sell drugs.

  • lisa mccrea

    I love the Galaxy family of.phones…I have had the S2 and the S3 and would love to have the S5..Soon I hope!