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Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit available for pre-order on Amazon

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Samsung’s trio of new smartwatches is now available for pre-order through Amazon. This trio includes the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear Fit. If you’re looking to be one of the first to get hold of one of these new smartwatches on the global launch date of April 11, Amazon looks to be your best option for pre-ordering. The Gear 2 is priced at $299 while the Gear 2 Neo (the Gear 2 without a camera) and the Gear Fit are both priced at $199.

We haven’t had a chance to try out these smartwatches yet, but so far, they appear to be a welcome improvement over last year’s Galaxy Gear. We’re especially intrigued by the Gear Fit, which acts as more of an advanced fitness tracker than an ordinary smartwatch.

Are you planning to order any one of these?

Samsung Gear 2 Pre-order

Samsung Gear 2 Neo Pre-order

Samsung Gear Fit Pre-order

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  • alexanderharri3

    That price… Steep for both full gear and “lower” devices… Considering that they cost about the same as a nexus 5…

    Sure they are handy, but for what they can do its a large pill to swallow

    • Rob

      Why is it that blogs bring out all the “haters”? I’ll never get that…If you don’t care for the new Samsung Gear,
      with all due respect, please go find an Apple blog.  I was an early adopter of the Gear 1 and
      surprisingly I fell in love with the product rather quickly.  Mind you I was NEVER a watch person — so I
      was skeptical whether or not I would like it.  There’s a few reasons I learned to enjoy the watch.

      1) If my phone was in my pocket, bag, or
      another room, I could see who was calling or texting and answer or reply from
      my watch.  2) My favorite thing to do was
      change the watch face for the holiday, season, or event.Christmas tree for Christmas, Thanksgiving
      theme, party theme, etc.  I even had some
      high end watch faces.  That was worth the
      price of admission by itself.  3) Phone
      locator.  Yes, sometimes I would misplace
      my phone.  The gear had a phone finder
      feature which surprisingly came in handy on an occasion or two.  4) Style.  In my opinion it looked sharp.  I
      am a business professional and I think it looked great with a suit. 5) Safety — going back to number 1.  While driving, I don’t have to fumble around
      for a phone.I can see who is calling
      and answer in a split second — eyes on the road.  6) Umm…it’s a watch.  I sold my Gear 1 as soon as I heard the Gear
      2 was on the way.It was funny how I
      actually missed having the time and date on my wrist (for not being a watch

      Now, as I said, I am an early adopter and enjoy the latest
      tech.  If you’re not into technology, you’re
      probably not going to appreciate the Gear watches.  For a tech-savvy business professional such
      as myself, I find the Gear watch very functional, stylish, and fun to use every day.

    • Rob

      Steep? You really feel $199 is too much? You are not the target market, my friend.

    • Guest

      I found the nexus 5 on Amazon for $390+. Maybe you’re mistakenly thinking of the *subsidized* price… Did you figure in the full cost of the contract that comes with it? If “about the same” means $200, does that make $199 “about the same” as $0?

      The watch is basically free!!! /s

  • donger

    Whose getting one?

    • Paul Fishwick

      As soon as I can. I think it looks great, can definitely appreciate the benefit, after using a Pebble for a little while, and is a fair price for the tech. I paid more than that to get my ‘regular’ watch serviced last year!
      Roll on Friday.